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nation building in iraq

David Waldner

Course Dates:

May 19 - May 30, 2014

PLCP 4410 nation building in iraq

3 credits

In the aftermath of the Arab Spring that overthrew dictatorships in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, we witness considerable turmoil and violence in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and especially Syria.  Can the violence be ended?  Can transitions to democracy be consolidated?  And can the international community, especially America, play a positive role?  To gain insight into the questions, we’ll spend 10 days looking intensively at American nation-building in Iraq since 2003.  Using comparative case studies, selected theories from political science and economics, and intensive reading about Iraq, we’ll try to derive important lessons about what works — and what doesn’t work in the creation of stable polities and functioning economies.


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David Waldner, Associate Professor
University of Virginia Department of Politics