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UVa Advance is a four-week summer residential program for highly-motivated, rising high school juniors and seniors. The program offers students an exceptional set of opportunities for intellectual and personal growth.  Each student takes two undergraduate classes, participates in a series of academic prep workshops and engages in social activities organized by UVa Advance. Classes are small and offered in an intensive format. This facilitates in-depth learning and collaboration with faculty and fellow students. Participants are introduced to University of Virginia academics and college life. They enjoy the high impact residential learning experience for which UVa is so well known.

Courses are taught by leading University of Virginia faculty. Students who successfully complete their courses earn six transferable undergraduate credits from UVa. This can help them expedite progress toward their degree, double major or lighten their load when they matriculate as undergraduates after completing high school, and even more important, they will know what to expect as a first-year college student and be poised for success.

In the four-week session, participants take one core course specially designed for UVa Advance students. In 2015, students will choose from among these four classes:

ENLT 2555: "Selfies" Old and New: Self Portrayal in Poetry and Visual Art taught by Professor of English Lisa Russ Spaar

PLIR 2500: Human Rights in a World of States - Origins, Effects, Prospects taught by Associate Professor of Politics Michael J. Smith

COMM 2559: The Essentials of Public Speaking taught by Assistant Professor of Commerce Robert Patterson

HIEU 2559: Russia Since 1917, taught by Associate Professor of History Jeffrey Rossman.

Students’ second course is a “regular” 1000- or 2000-level Summer Session course.  In the second course, UVa Advance students are enrolled with resident (degree-seeking) UVa students. UVa Advance staff advise students on the selection of their second course.

Participants live with their peers in an air-conditioned UVa residence hall with a specially trained staff of residential advisors. In addition to coursework, the program includes organized workshops designed to help students explore the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being a college student. Workshop topics include library services, key academic skills, student support services, the college application process, finances, undergraduate research opportunities, education abroad and choosing a major.  All are led by experienced faculty and staff. 

UVa Advance students have access to the support services and extra-curricular activities available to resident UVa undergraduate and graduate students including libraries, outstanding sports facilities, dining halls, Student Health and more. The University Programs Council (UPC) sponsors events throughout the summer, UVa’s Heritage Summer Theater Festival is in full swing and Charlottesville offers many historical and contemporary attractions. The program includes two weekend outings.

UVa Advance students are subject to the University’s Honor System, Student Code of Conduct and all UVa academic and non-academic policies and procedures.

July 12- August 7, 2015 (UVa Summer Session III)

Move-in and Orientation: July 12, 2015

Academic Prep Workshops

Each week, UVa Advance students attend two workshops/week,each of which is designed to help students prepare for the challenges and opportunities of college. Topics include:

  • The College Application Process
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities
  • Education Abroad
  • Skills for Academic Success
  • Library Resources and Services
  • Student Support Services
  • Finances
  • Choosing a Major
  • More Information on the Academic Prep Workshops


UVa Advance students are housed in double occupancy rooms in the Hereford Residence Hall apart from undergraduate and graduate Summer Session students. Supervision is provided by a specially trained staff of Resident Assistants. Participants are expected to abide by rules of University and program rules, including a nightly 10:00p.m. curfew.

Dorms are within walking distance of academic buildings, dining facilities, Scott Stadium, Slaughter Recreation Center and the Aquatic & Fitness Center.  There is also UVa bus service, which includes a stop at Gooch/Dillard. UVa Advance students are subject to the University’s Honor System, Student Code of Conduct and all UVa academic and non-academic policies and procedures. The evening curfew for UVa Advance participants is 10:00 p.m. Failure to honor the curfew or to follow any UVa Advance program or University rules can result in immediate dismissal from the program with no refund of tuition and fees.  


The program cost includes a 60-meal dining plan.  Dining halls are typically open for several hours around meal times; several snack bars/convenience stores are also easily accessible at off-hours.  The Observatory Hill Dining Hall serves as the main dining hall in summer.  

Activities and Student Services

UVa Advance students enjoy access to the same student services that resident students have: library services, outstanding sports facilities, Student Health, computing support, the University bus system, and more.  Near Grounds there are many choices for dining, shopping, and sight-seeing.
The program begins with an orientation and tour of Grounds. Introductions, student safety, University and program policies and procedures, the Standards of Conduct, the Honor System, and program and campus resources will be covered in Orientation. Parents are welcome to participate in the Orientation. An introduction to Charlottesville takes place later in week one.

There are two organized outings.  The first is to Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, the founder of UVa.  The trip features a guided tour of Jefferson’s home and the recently renovated Visitors Center.  The second trip is to Shenandoah National Park, where students can experience the vistas and splendor of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Costs (for one four-week session)

Virginia Residents:   $4,960*
Non-Virginians: $10,407*

*prices are subject to change once Housing and Dining prices are set for 2015

Includes tuition for 6-academic credits, student services fee, housing in Hereford Residence Hall, 60-meal dining plan, academic support workshops and out-of-class activities.

Books and incidentals are NOT included in this price.

Limited, need-based scholarships are available.  To apply, complete the following application and submit it with the application documents.
UVa Advance Financial Aid Application for 2015

How to Apply

To be eligible for the program, a student must be in good academic standing with a GPA of at least 3.5 in a college prep curriculum and be rising high school Junior or Senior in the summer of 2015.  The following materials must be completed and submitted to be considered for admission to the UVa Advance program

  • PART I: Online Application Form
  • PART II: UVa Advance Application Supplement
    • Medical Consent Form for Minors - Completed by parent/guardian (Supplement Part II)
    • Terms of Understanding - Completed by student and parent/guardian (Supplement Part II)
    • Transcript - Official transcript from current high school
    • Letter of Recommendation - Completed by a high school teacher or administrator. (can be mailed or emailed)
    • Short essay (350 words or fewer) Topic: The year is 2025 and you’re being featured in a magazine.  What is the publication and why have they chosen to feature you?  What accomplishments will be highlighted?  What recognitions will be mentioned? (can be mailed or emailed)

Important Dates

January 1 Applications Open
April 15 Application Deadline
April 30 Admission Decisions Announced
July 12 Move-In & Orientation
July 13 - August 7 Classes in Session


UVa Advance students are subject to the University’s Honor System, Student Code of Conduct and all UVa academic and non-academic policies and procedures.

All materials should be mailed to:
Office of Summer and Special Academic Programs
University of Virginia
P.O. Box 400161
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904-4161

Contact UVa Advance