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Papers and Presentations

The conference papers and presentations posted here are the intellectual property of their authors. Do not cite or distribute without permission. Conference papers are drafts for review and comment only.

Adaptive Management in Land Revitalization

Jonathan Z. Cannon,
"Site Optimization and Adaptive Management in Superfund: Thinking Like a Contaminated Site"
(Click for .pdf of full draft paper)

Systems, Decision and Risk Analysis for Remediation Site Recycling

I. Linkov, A. Varghese, S. Jamil,
T.P. Seager, G. Kiker, T. Bridges,
"Multi-Criteria Decsion Analysis: A Framework for Structuring Remedial Decisions at Contaminated Sites
(Click title for .pdf of abstract)

Peter Beling, James Lambert, Faheem Rahman,
"Risk-Based Adaptive Management of Remediation Site Portfolios"
(Click title for .pdf of abstract)
Click for Dr. Beling's Presentation in .pdf
Click for Dr. Lambert's Presentation in .pdf

Melissa A. Kenney, Mark A. White, Janet S. Herman,
"An Adaptive Cost-Benefit Model: The Value of Ecosystem Services in the Reuse of Superfund Sites"
(Click title for .pdf of abstract)
Click for Dr. White's Presentation in .pdf

Superfund Sites are Real Places

Daniel Bluestone,
Toxic Sites as Places of Culture and Memory (Click title for .pdf of presentation)

Julie Bargmann,
BOOM + BUST + BOOM again (Click title for .pdf of presentation)

Niall G. Kirkwood,
CHAT (Click title for .pdf of presentation)

Building Consensus for Reuse Planning: Cleaning up the Other Mess

E. Franklin Dukes,
"Reuse of Contaminated Properties: A Practical Guide for Building Community and Stakeholder Consensus"

(Click title for .pdf of abstract)

A. Bruce Dotson,
"Agencies and Communities: Parallel or Converging Planning Practices"

(Click title for .pdf of presentation abstract)
Click for Dr. Dotson's Presentation in .pdf

Frances Costanzi,
Midvale Slag Superfund Site: Building Consensus for Reuse Planning

(Click title for .pdf of presentation)

Practical Applications: The Law and Economics of Contaminated Site

Jennifer Hernandez,
Lessons Learned: California Brownfields (Click title for .pdf of presentation)

Benefits of Superfund Remediation and Reuse

Michael Hancox,
"Framework for Thinking About the Benefits of Superfund"
(Click title for .pdf of abstract)
Click for Mr. Hancox's Presentation in .pdf

Alexander E. Farrell,
"Estimating the Benefits of NPL Remediation with Hedonic Data"

(Click title for .pdf of abstract)

Robin Jenkins,

The Economics of Reuse (Click title for .pdf of presentation)

Remediation for Reuse

Dean Hargens,
"Site Closure and Redevelopment at Manufactured Gas Plant Sites in Iowa"

(Click title for .pdf of presentation abstract)
Click for Mr. Hargens' Presentation in .pdf

Marwan M. Sadat,
"Case Study of Redevelopment of a Roofing Material Factory
Site for Mixed Use"
(Click title for .pdf of presentation abstract)
Click for Dr. Sadat's Presentation in .pdf

Bin Zhang and Teresa B. Culver,

"Optimal Groundwater Remediation Design and Reuse"

(Click title for .pdf of abstract)
Click for Dr. Culver's Presentation in .pdf








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