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Conference Info
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Conference Info

Revitalizing Land and Restoring Communities:
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Transforming Contaminated Sites
Charlottesville, Virginia
April 2-3, 2004

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The Conference on Revitalizing Land and Restoring Communities is sponsored jointly by the University of Virginia, its Center of Expertise for Superfund Site Recycling, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The conference will feature commissioned talks, research papers, and commentary by distinguished government officials, scholars, and practitioners working in the area. Its goal is to engage practitioners and policymakers with scholarly research and to test the findings and implications of that research against real-world experience. We look forward to lively panel discussions among the diverse backgrounds and points of view that will be represented and also illuminating exchanges between panelists and others attending the conference.

Under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection agency, an interdisciplinary team of University of Virginia faculty has explored new approaches to revitalizing contaminated land. Addressing the question of how to integrate site clean up and reuse, the team has advanced a concept of the Superfund program as extended stewardship of land resources.

The team's research has included advanced quantitative techniques for optimizing the value of contaminated sites, taking into account costs and benefits of reuse as well as remediation, and for dealing with uncertainty in site assessment and decisionmaking. The team has also developed qualitative techniques for site visualization and design, community participation, and engagement of local officials in site planning. Together, these techniques are designed to allow clean up alternatives to be evaluated together with future-use options that are generated with a full understanding of the site context and informed by the community. They also support adaptive evolution of protective measures and productive use over time.

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Sponsored by:

University of Virginia EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency

The University of Virginia's Center
of Expertise for Superfund Site Recycling
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Co-sponsored by:

SRA U.S. Dept. of Energy

Society for Risk Analysis U.S. Department of Energy

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