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EPA's Superfund Redevelopment Initiative has assembled a substantial pool of guidance documents and other tools, produced by the Agency and by contracting partners, to help federal, state, local government, citizen, and private sector entities navigate the site remediation and redevelopment process.

For basic information, visit EPA's website for the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative. This site provides access to the latest news under the Initiative, the latest Agency guidance on re-use, case studies of successful site redevelopment actions occurring under the Initiative's Pilot Program, finance case studies at selected sites, descriptions of ways EPA can assist communities address specific sites, and discussion of the benefits of re-using Superfund sites and of the stigma associated with sites.

For background information on the Superfund program, visit EPA's website for Superfund. This site includes a Citizen's Guide to the Superfund program, a downloadable copy of CERCLA, and information on remaining sites contained on the NPL.

To obtain detailed information regarding specific Superfund sites, visit EPA's Superfund Site Index, the Agency's Envirofacts Query site, or the Right to Know Network's data site.

For tables listing guidance documents relevant to the Initiative and to Superfund in general, visit EPA's website for Guidance and Policy. This site contains EPA's latest guidance on re-use assessments and land use considerations in remedy selection, rules of thumb for remedy selection, tools for managing liability, employing institutional controls, recreational re-use of land above waste containment areas, and templates and forms for prospective purchaser agreements.

For useful explanations the meanings of frequently used terms and acronyms, visit EPA's Superfund Glossary or EPA's Extensive Glossary.

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