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Over the past decade, CSR has been in the process of moving and expanding. On July 1, 2000, CSR became a unit of the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at U.Va. At that time, CSR moved to larger and newer quarters near the Central grounds, and  increased the size of its 14-station CATI lab to 23 stations. In January 2004, CSR's organizational relationship with Weldon Cooper was externalized as the two organizations relocated into a larger building together. The CATI lab runs Sawtooth Technologies' latest software, SensusWeb, which fully integrates telephone and web survey data collection. CSR set as its strategic goal the development of survey products for state agencies and local governments in Virginia, while continuing its more academically visible projects. CSR also conducts national surveys in web, mail and telephone modes. In 2009 CSR celebrated its 20th year of service.


Several part-time positions in the Center were upgraded or made full-time as part of these expansions. The Director (a tenured member of the U.Va. faculty) has been upgraded to a 12-month appointment with a minimal teaching commitment. Our full-time staffing includes, in addition to the Director and Assistant Director: a Senior Research Director, a Fiscal Technician, a Survey Operations Manager, a Senior Research Analyst, as well as a full-time Research Analyst. Augmenting this core staff are several part-time programmer/analysts, several part-time project coordinators (some with faculty appointments), part-time project assistants, part-time CATI lab shift supervisors, interviewers and office interns.

For further information

For more details about employment at the center, contact the CATI lab for telephone interviewing work (243-5226 or by e-mail) or John Lee Holmes for data entry, statistics and project assistance work (243-5225).

To be placed on file as a potential employee, please send resume or curriculum vitae and a summary of your survey experience to:

Professor Thomas Guterbock, Director
UVA Center for Survey Research
US postal service address:
P.O. Box 400767
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904-4767
Physical/express delivery address:
2400 Old Ivy Road Suite 223
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Fax: 434-243-5233



The University of Virginia is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.


Part time research analyst positions are available. This is a great job for a graduate student from any department with a background in statistical analysis. SPSS (with syntax) users preferred. We hire part time Research Analysts, Programmers, and Project Assistants (must use all Microsoft Office software proficiently) year-round as needed (but especially at the beginning of each semester) so get your resume on file with us as soon as you can!

Full time Research Analyst position: Select job position for description & details


The Center for Survey research is an equal opportunity employer. For information about employment as an interviewer, contact the CATI lab at 243-5226, or by e-mail.


In 2004-5 the position of Lab Manager was upgraded to Survey Operations Manager. Among the duties of the Survey Operations Manager (SOM), include overall management responsibilities of the Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) Lab. The SOM is responsible for all modes of data collection, including mail, phone and web, for the Center for Survey Research, a full-service academic survey organization located in Charlottesville, VA. Responsibilities include statistical analysis of production activities, overall responsibility for web and phone survey programming, oversight of human resources (recruiting, retention, progressive discipline), quality control (training, monitoring, coaching), setup of studies on CSR’s CATI system (currently Sawtooth WinCATI 4.2 operating 22 interview stations) oversight of startup, technical support for and operation of the WinCATI interviewing system; and reporting production progress regularly to the Management and Project Teams as well as drafting the final Methods reports. The SOM hires technical staff and lab supervisors to assist in managing the staffing and operations of the CATI lab.


To assist the Survey Operations Manager in the CATI Lab, up to two senior supervisor positions were added. The senior supervisors assist the SOM in recruiting and maintaining an active pool of 50-100 telephone interviewers and 2-5 shift (associate and assistant) supervisors. They assist the SOM in ensuring that proper administrative procedures are followed in the hiring of interviewers and supervisors. Assist SOM in oversight, coordination and carrying out general training of interviewers and briefings for specific projects. Develop and improve interviewer training materials, and implement practical procedures to ensure precise adherence to goals and requirements of each study. Implements SOM protocols for monitoring and evaluation of interviewer performance using information from audio-monitoring, productivity reports, and supervisor feedback. The SOM and senior supervisors work with assistant and associate supervisors as well as lead interviewers to ensure continuous quality improvement in the interviewing process. Supervise the preparation of daily reports for project staff on study progress. Assist project staff and SOM in development of interview scripts by de-briefing interviewers and summarizing qualitative results of interview pre-tests. Along with SOM, supervise shift supervisors and supervise interview shifts as needed.


CSR has recently worked with UVA Human Resources to implement progressive interviewer levels (beginner, intermediate-advanced/lead) tied to skills sets and pay-scales. In addition, bilingual English-Spanish interviewers have been established as a separate category on a higher pay scale (albeit with similar advancement protocols). All interviewers conduct telephone interviews for social science research studies from a work station in the Center for Survey Research's Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing facility. Interviewers are expected to work at a minimum 2 three hour shifts per week to remain on the active roster when phone surveys are being fielded. Shifts are scheduled on an as-needed basis, but usually in the evening. Usually a shift consists of 22 interviewers and two supervisors. Interviewers must exhibit a pleasant, professional manner; tolerance for extended periods on the phone; the ability to secure and maintain cooperation of respondents contacted by telephone; fluid skill and clear articulation in reading the interview script aloud from the computer screen; care and accuracy in recording responses and other data during the interview; the ability to follow instructions, implement interviewing guidelines and concentrate despite some ambient noise; use of judgement in problem recognition and requests for supervisor's assistance; no less than 35 w.p.m. typing and some familiarity with computers/PCs. May also be asked to perform other tasks of a clerical nature if needed. Some work history or other experience demonstrating dependability, attention to detail, and ability to deal with the public is desirable. UVA Human Resources will require a criminal background check prior to employment.


On occasion may supervise up to 23 telephone interviewers during data collection for social science research studies conducted at the Center for Survey Research's Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing [CATI] facility. With senior staff guidance, is responsible for: turning on the CATI system and setting up the calling stations, monitoring interviewer performance and calling activity, responding in a professional manner to respondent inquiries when telephone interviewers require assistance or back-up, assist in maintaining quality control of the data collection, ensuring that interviewers follow procedures and protocols required for each study, handling technical and situational problems that may arise, and reporting to the project staff as appropriate. On occasion may use the CATI system to generate reports on each calling shift. Applicant should have previous work experience in supervisory or other responsible capacity in which exercise of independent judgement was needed. Prior CATI experience or exposure to telephone survey interviewing along with evening availability is necessary.


Conducts computer-assisted face-to-face interviews, complex computer-assisted telephone interviews, or semistructured, intensive interviews of some complexity for social science research studies. Will work alone with minimal supervision, often involving travel to surrounding areas. Job requires: mature, professional self-presentation along with strong listening and interactional skills; the ability to follow protocols, identify problems, and recognize when project staff should be alerted/consulted; facility in handling unexpected situations in the field with good judgment; exercise of initiative and perseverance in obtaining respondent cooperation and completed interviews. May be assigned related coding and data entry tasks. Applicant should have some college work in the social or behavioral sciences, or equivalent work experience with some degree of responsibility and public contact, familiarity with computers/PCs and no less than 40 w.p.m. typing. Experience with interviewing, field methods, or similar data gathering activity is highly desirable. Must be able to work flexible hours on an as-needed basis. 

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