Game Day Challenge


This Fall, U.Va. is participating in the Game Day Challenge, a nationwide competition to reduce waste by recycling and composting at home football games. U.Va. has placed first in the ACC in the past 3 years and we need you to volunteer to continue this winning streak! As a volunteer, you will encourage tailgaters and fans to recycle during the University of North Carolina Football Game on October 25th.  Sign up for one of two shifts to help fans recycle and help U.Va. divert as much waste as possible away from landfills.

Volunteer sign up form!

Attending the game but can’t volunteer? You can still help U.Va. win by recycling all plastics numbered 1-7, bottles and cans! You can also encourage other tailgaters and fans to do the same. Let’s show North Carolina HOO’s RECYCLING!

Tailgating Tips:

  • Bring tailgating supplies that are reusable and can be brought home with you. Consider using sturdy reusable cups, plates and utensils where feasible.
  • If purchasing pre-packaged food and beverages, look for packaging that is recyclable.

What’s recyclable:

  • Plastics 1-7 (ex: Solo cups, plates, utensils, plastic wrap)
  • Aluminum (ex: beer/soda cans, tinfoil, foil pans)
  • Glass (ex: bottles, jars)
  • Cardboard
  • Dispose of recyclables in recycling bags or bins.


  • Hoo’s Recycle volunteers will be distributing blue plastic bags to tailgaters to collect their recyclables. Place all recyclables in the blue bags and leave them at the tailgating site. U.Va. Recycling will pick up the bags after the game.
  • Utilize the many recycling bins along sidewalks, outside the stadium or in the stadium concourse to dispose of any recyclables.