Courses and Programs


  Global Sustainability Minor (Interdisciplinary)

The interdisciplinary Minor in Global Sustainability benefits students of all majors who want to understand the many facets of sustainability and learn how to apply this knowledge to their daily lives. The Minor empowers students across the University in common efforts to accomplish real change through community engagement with sustainable projects in their communities and beyond. The Minor also establishes connections between different disciplines and prepares students to incorporate sustainable practices into their varied future careers.  Learn more 

  Global Development Studies

There are two major tracks in the program.  The major in Global Development Studies focuses on social, political, and economic development.  The major in Global Development Studies with a concentration in Global Public Health focuses on public health in the context of socio-economic development. The GPH concentration is jointly administered by the Department of Public Health Sciences in the School of Medicine and the Global Development Studies program.  Learn more

  Environmental Sciences

The Department of Environmental Sciences is an academic department in the College of Arts and Sciences, offering instruction and conducting research in the areas of EcologyGeosciences,Hydrology, and Atmospheric Sciences.  In addition to a full undergraduate program, the Department offers graduate degree programs leading to the Master of ArtsMaster of Science and Doctor of Philosophy, emphasizing basic research of a disciplinary or interdisciplinary nature.  Learn more