Duplex Derby

The Duplex Derby is a pilot paper conservation program created to help UVA departments make the switch to double-sided printing. If your department has a large printer, chances are you can see how many single sided and how many double sided pages have been printed. Encourage your department to find the duplex printing options on their computers and printers, report your numbers weekly and see which department runs for the roses!


How it works:
The program will track each department’s printing based on the proportion of paper printed double-sided (duplex) to the amount of paper printed single-sided.  The department that achieves the highest duplex to single-sided printing ratio during the duration of the competition wins a department-wide bagel breakfast!

The competition will last 5 weeks and run from Monday, February 24th until Friday, March 28th. At the end of each week a cumulative duplex to single-sided ratio will be calculated. Departmental standings will be sent out on Mondays. If interested in participating, the department’s primary contact person (“Jockey”) must email Lauren Nguyen (lmn4uw@virginia.edu) with the name of their department and the location of that department’s primary printer/copier.

It is preferred that departments self-report their data, however, upon request, a UVA Sustainability staff member can manually collect departmental data instead. Duplex Derby reporting will occur five times throughout the competition, beginning on the morning of Monday, February 24th. Reporting will occur every subsequent Friday afternoon through April 19th. To report their data, departmental “Jockeys” will use an online form that will be posted here shortly.

Two numbers are needed: #1: Total lifetime duplex prints (“Duplex Total“) and #2: Total lifetime prints (“Total Counter“) . The department’s score will be calculated with the formula Ratio = (#1 / #2), and will be normalized by subtracting numbers from the initial count (all copies made before the competition began). More information including a data collection guide and paper-saving strategies will be provided to participating departments.

In the event that difficulties are encountered or there are any questions, please contact Lauren Nguyen (lmn4uw@virginia.edu).