Earth Week Expo Exhibitors

Campus Kitchen
“Teach, Reach, Feed, Lead: Integrating Service learning and Sustainability at U.Va.”

Learn about the Campus Kitchen Project, nationally and locally, including initiatives and programs that the Campus Kitchen Project at U.Va. has embraced the past year as well as future plans.

Community Garden
“Plant a New Interest”

Learn about the garden and how U.Va. students can become involved.

Community Relations
“U.Va. in the Community”

Information about Chuck It for Charity – an annual effort to collect high-quality household goods for community members – brochures and the monthly e-newsletter will be available at the table.

Darden School of Business: Initiative for Business in Society/Sustainability Programs
“Equipping Leaders to Positively Impact Society Through Business”

Learn about the Darden Initiative for Business in Society (IBiS), which equips corporate leaders with the understanding and strategies they need to positively impact society through business, as well as Darden’s Sustainability Programs, which are driven by the vision to be a zero-waste, carbon-neutral enterprise by 2020. Darden is a top ten business school for teaching and research on social and environmental sustainability.

Department of Environmental Health and Safety
“How Individual Actions Can Help Save our Streams”

How can individuals assist in stormwater-pollution prevention? Examples will include picking up pet waste and properly disposing of cigarette butts.

“Sustainable Dining Practices at U.Va.”

Waste reduction and diversion, sustainable sourcing and purchasing, and other efforts designed to reduce operational impact on the environment will be featured. Also available will be information on how to become involved in the student group, Green Dining.

Enactus Earth Hour
“Learn About Earth Hour”

Information will be presented about Earth Hour and the Earth Hour Pledge at this exhibit.

Facilities Management
“Sustainability, Reliability, Service”

Get a free water bottle, BPA-free of course, and learn about:

  • U.Va.’s conservation efforts,
  • Building Services green cleaning,
  • Recycling,
  • Sustainability Pledge, a commitment employees and students can make to foster a more sustainable future,
  • Delta Force, and
  • Retro-commissioning work to reduce energy and water consumption in buildings across Grounds.


John Paul Jones Arena
“John Paul Jones Arena: Operational Sustainability”

The arena’s exhibit will feature information about the building’s sustainable design, operational efficiency and additional information about patron-awareness programs.

Medical Center
“Journey Toward a Sustainable Healthcare Environment”

This exhibit highlights:

  • Night Watchman: an energy-savings program that automatically shuts down office computers during off-peak work hours.
  • Sustainable Food and Products: an effort to support local farmers, reduce carbon footprint and retain essential nutrients for patient food and retail settings.
  • Telemedicine: the  use of technology that reaches under-served patient populations and spares Virginia residents from driving.
  • MERCI Program: the reclamation of usable medical equipment and supplies for medical facilities.
  • Cleaning Green: the use of products and equipment to enhance sustainability in housekeeping.
  • Recycling: the partnership between U.Va.’s Medical Center and Recycling.

Nitrogen Footprint Research
“What is Your Nitrogen Footprint?”

University research has led to personal and institutional-level nitrogen footprint models. Learn about   U.Va.’s nitrogen footprint and how to calculate individual nitrogen footprint.

Parking and Transportation
“Alternative Transportation Options”

Information about alternative transportation at the University of Virginia including the University Transit Service, Charlottesville Area Transit, Zipcar carsharing, Zimride online ridematching, and bike safety

Printing and Copying
“PCS Embraces Sustainability Operations”

Learn about the breadth of PCS’ sustainability efforts including certification by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain, which promotes responsible management of the world’s forests.

The PCS building was the first LEED certified building at U.Va. PCS also uses Energy Star-rated copiers, water instead of chemicals when developing metal press plates, and participates in U.Va.’s Recycling program.

“Where Do Recyclables Go?”

Learn about the many recycling efforts at U.Va.

School of Architecture
“Designing Sustainable Futures”

The Global Sustainability Minor, the Paradise Creek Nature Park Project and the Learning Barge, with a display of its current educational programs, will be on display.

School of Architecture
Biophilic Cities Project

The Biophilic Cities Project is an initiative that advances research and policy work and integrates nature into urban design and planning. Biophilic cities are those that contain abundant nature; seek to protect, restore and grow this nature; and strive to foster deep connections and daily contact with the natural world. Learn about U.Va.’s role at this exhibit.

Schools of Architecture and Engineering and Applied Science
“Working Together to Improve Housing and Energy Efficiency”

Displays of work by the ecoMOD/ecoREMOD Project with Albemarle Housing Improvement Program on home renovations in the 10th and Page Neighborhood and of work with Local Energy Alliance Program to help homeowners improve energy efficiency in their homes will be featured.

Sustainability Partners
“Working Together to Make a Positive Difference”

Sustainability initiatives developed by U.Va. faculty and staff will be on display. Also to be highlighted is the progress on sustainability initiatives and tips on how employees can get involved to help reduce environmental impacts.

Thomas Jefferson Demonstration Garden
“Harvesting New Information”

Sample food grown in the garden and learn about the research behind the project.