GIFT Project Proposal Criteria


The following criteria will be used to evaluate all projects submitted for funding:

1. Connection to the University

Project directly addresses environmental sustainability on the University of Virginia Grounds or in the capacity that on-Grounds activities directly influence environmental sustainability in the surrounding community.

2. University Affiliation

Project proposal is submitted by a UVA student, staff member, and/or faculty member on behalf of an individual or UVA program, organization, office, or department. Non-university affiliated Individuals and organizations may not submit proposals.

3. Innovation

Project is innovative in nature and does not include routine maintenance or codecompliant
activities. Fund may support the gap between code-compliant and more sustainable alternatives.

4. Feasibility and Institutional Support

Project is feasible and has support from appropriate University individuals and entities. Individual students or student organizations must have the signature of a faculty or staff advisor who is committed to advising throughout project implementation.

5. Appropriateness of Schedule and Budget Request

6. Cost/Benefit Analysis (as applicable)

Project proposal outlines project payback, lifecycle costs and savings, etc.

7. Environmental Benefits

Project demonstrates a reduction in UVA’s carbon footprint or provides other environmental benefits such as water conservation, storm water management, biodiversity conservation, waste minimization, etc.

8. Student Experience

Project includes opportunities for student involvement and/or will positively impact the student experience.

9. Outreach and Education

Project considers education and outreach opportunities and has included them as part of its implementation plan.

10. Accountability

All projects shall have a mechanism for evaluation and follow-up after funding has been dispersed. At minimum, a project plan must include a report made to the Grant Allocation Committee after successful (or unsuccessful) implementation. If a project is expected to have on-going benefits such as annual cost savings, the project plan must include a mechanism for tracking, recording, and reporting these benefits back to the Grant Allocation Committee on an (at least) annual basis.

11. Metrics

Project has a clearly-defined, measureable outcome, backed by metrics for assessment.

12. Self Sufficiency

Preference will be given to projects that can obtain matching funds from sources beyond the Green Initiative Tomorrow Fund or include a plan for sustained funding.

13. Potential for Broad Application

Project has potential to be scalable across the campus.