Office for Sustainability



The UVa Office for Sustainability, within Facilities Management, supports university-wide collaborative governance, leadership, and implementation of sustainability across Grounds by partnering with students, faculty, administrators, and staff to infuse and develop a culture of environmental, economic, and social stewardship in alignment with the educational, research, health care and public service mission of the University.

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Advocacy, Innovation, Leadership:  Partner with University committees and stakeholders in collaborative sustainability strategic planning and implementation.  Assist with recommendations on sustainability policy, commitments, goals, action plans, and measuring progress towards goals.  Seek to promote stewardship of resources, reduce environmental footprint, and build UVa’s reputation as a leader by prioritizing cost-effective, impactful and replicable models and connecting initiatives and programs across Grounds.

Academic and Research Integration:  Support the integration of sustainability into curriculum to train current and future leaders, advance sustainability research, and help build capacity to use Grounds as a living laboratory for sustainability.

Environmental Stewardship:  Provide leadership for the integration of sustainability into buildings and operations to advance environmental stewardship while regularly measuring and analyzing progress towards goals.

Outreach and Engagement:  Foster a culture of sustainability through close collaboration, partnership-building, training and support of student, faculty, and staff sustainability interests and initiatives to build social and operational norms around sustainability.

Technical Expertise:  Act as subject matter experts and advocates for sustainability via proactive advocacy, implementation, review, and development of buildings and infrastructure.

Communication and Knowledge Management:  Advance sustainability knowledge, build identity, and enhance leadership by developing and sharing timely and robust news, best practices, lessons learned, benchmarking, data, educational resources, and tools in a clear and cohesive manner.