Turn off electronics when not in use. Watch video on how to make it easy.

Set thermostats to 68 F in winter and 78 F in summer. See U.Va.’s Energy Policy.

Switch from incandescent light bulbs to LED or CFL. Learn how much energy and money you can save.


____ Recycle bottles, cans, paper and plastics numbered 1-7. Check out U.Va. recycling guide.

____ Reduce width of paper margins and print on both sides of paper whenever possible. See how this helps.

____ Recycle electronics I no longer use. Learn about local recycling programs.


____ Choose public transportation. Ride UTS and CAT fare-free with your UVA ID!

____ Drive a Zipcar. Gain 24/7 access to fuel-efficient vehicles by the hour or day. Learn More.

____ Explore regional transportation options. Check out info on trains, buses and transit services.


____ Shorten showers and turn off water when brushing my teeth. Here are helpful tips.

____ Wash full loads of laundry and dishes. Learn the benefits.

____ Report leaky faucets and toilets around Grounds. Complete the online form.


____ Donate household goods and clothing to charity. Check out locations.

____ Engage with a local green group. Learn about area efforts.

____ Volunteer in the community. Explore possibilities through Community Relations.


____ Switch to a reusable mug for coffee or tea. Get rewarded with U.Va. Dining’s punch card.

____ Purchase local food. Check out what U.Va. Dining and area produce markets offer.

____ Enjoy a vegetarian meal. Learn about the environmental impact of meat production.


____ Take the stairs instead of the elevators whenever possible. Check out the benefits.

____ Enjoy the great outdoors. Check out outdoor recreation resources.

____ Ride a bike. To save money and improve health, check out resources on Grounds and in the community.