University Committee on Sustainability





Charge of the Committee

The  Committee on Sustainability advises the Executive Vice President and Chief  Operating Officer, through the Architect for the University, on all matters  related to the overall quality, diligence, and progress of the University’s  commitment to sustainability in the broad sense of environmental, economic, and  social impacts, and their relationship to the future of the University.  In carrying out this charge, the Committee  shall be engaged in the following:

  • Recommend policies, procedures, and priorities that will promote the highest-standards of sustainable practice across the University including but not limited to business operations, energy production and utilization, and design and management of facilities
  • Provide guidance in the development of communication plans with the goal of increasing sustainable behavior among faculty, staff, and students
  • Recommend and encourage the development of new opportunities to educate the University community on sustainable thinking and practice
  • Review and comment on the University’s progress toward measurable sustainability objectives
  • Review and comment on the University’s responses to  major national surveys and/or voluntary compliance with regard to an  institutional plan toward the reduction in CO2 emissions and related  environmental impacts

Committee Membership

Robert Andrejewski, Ex-Officio Member

Brent Beringer, Director of Dining Services

Reba Camp, Administrator, Medical Center Facilities Planning & Capital Development

Lia Cattaneo, Undergraduate Student

Phoebe Crisman, Associate Professor of Architecture, Co-Chair of Teaching and Research Subcommittee

Anthony de Bruyn, University Spokesperson, University Communications

Kevin Fox, Administrator, Medical Center Facilities Planning & Capital Development

James Galloway, Professor of Environmental Sciences

David Germano, Professor of Religious Studies

Cheryl Gomez, Director of Operations, Co-Chair of Committee

Carla Jones, Lecturer and Program Director, School of Architecture

William Keene Jr., Research Professor, Faculty Senate Representative

Lawrence, Deborah, Professor of Environmental Sciences, Co-Chair of Teaching and Research Subcommittee

Michael J. Lenox, Academic Director & Associate Dean, The Batten Institute

Karen J. McGlathery, Associate Vice President for Research, Sustainability and the Environment

Fred Missel, Director of Design & Development, UVA Foundation

Julia Monteith, Senior Land Use Planner, Office of the Architect

Kristin Morgan, Program Director, Office for Diversity & Equity, Co-Chair of Civic Engagement Subcommittee

Nina Morris, Sustainability Program Manager, Office for Sustainability, Co-Chair of Civic Engagement Subcommittee

Amy Muldoon, Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, Staff Senate Representative

Scott Norris, Director of Business Services, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Matthew Oreska, Graduate Student

Alexander M. Russell, Undergraduate Student

Wynne Stuart, Associate Provost for Academic Support and Classroom Management

Donald Sundgren, Chief Facilities Officer, Co-Chair of Environmental Stewardship Subcommittee

Andrea Trimble, Sustainability Director, Office for Sustainability, Co-Chair of Environmental Stewardship Subcommittee

Jessica Wenger, Environmental Projects Manager, Facilities Management

Rebecca White, Director of Parking & Transportation

Mark White, Associate Professor of Commerce, Co-Chair of Committee

Timothy White, Senior Immigration Consultant, University Human Resources

Helen Wilson, Assistant University Landscape Architect, Office of the Architect

Committee Meetings

The University Committee on Sustainability meeting schedule for Fall 2014:

Monday, October 6, 4:00-6:00 pm in Newcomb Hall Room 177

Friday, October 31, 10:00-11:00 am in Newcomb Hall Room 481

Tuesday, December 2, 11:00-12:00 noon in Newcomb Hall Room 389

Committee Notes & Materials

Committee Notes – December 13, 2013

Committee Notes – May 23, 2013

2012 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report

2009 Annual Report