UVA Saves Hour

TUVASavesHour2014he University of Virginia is participating  in a test of a state wide effort to reduce electric demand.
On Thursday, June 25th from 2:00-3:00 PM, U.Va. has agreed to reduce its electricity consumption by 12 megawatts for one hour.  This program, also known as the Demand Response Program, is designed to help prevent electric grid emergencies during the peak electric demand times in the summer months.

Please help U.Va. reach this goal by switching off nonessential items at or near your work space at U.Va.  Some items to consider are fans, lights, peripheral monitors, cell phone chargers, and printers.  If you’ll be away from your office during that time please consider powering down your computer and other electronics.

Hoo’s Well recommends working with your supervisor to schedule a 15 minute Fit Break or consider organizing a team walking meeting during U.Va. Saves Hour. Be sure to power down your computer and lights before you head outside!

Share your tip on how you plan to reduce electric consumption during U.Va. Saves hour on U.Va. Sustainability’s Facebook wall or on Twitter and you’ll receive a free water bottle!

Read the UVA Today article to learn more about the Demand Response Program and U.Va.’s efforts to reduce electric demand.