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Symposium on Race & Society
In Katrina's Wake: Racial Implications of the New Orleans Disaster. November 2-4 2006, Charlottesville Virginia
Featured Sessions

Each proposal was carefully considered by the review committee to ensure a robust schedule of sessions with presentations from scholars in their respective fields. For more information on a session, please click below.

  • “Leaving no Child Behind in the Wake of Katrina: Conceptualizing Quality Education for All”—Selena Cozart, U.Va. (panel)
  • “Hurricane Katrina: A Metaphor for the Unfinished Agenda of Social and Educational Opportunity in Urban Schooling”—Paul Green, UCLA, Riverside
  • “In Katrina’s Wake: Toward an Effective Antiracism in the College Classroom”—M. Noelle N’Diaye, Morehead State University
  • “Black Catholic Schools and the Politics of Urban Redevelopment”—Paul Green, UCLA, Riverside
Architecture/Urban Planning
  • “The Design Impacts of Katrina: Making Visible Some of the Invisible”—Nisha Botchwey, U.Va. (panel)
  • “Service Learning and Beyond in New Orleans: A Panel Discussion”—Catherine S. Neale, Habitat for Humanity (panel)
  • Righting an Unrightable Wrong: Confronting Poverty Through Truth and Reconciliation in New Orleans”—E. Franklin Dukes, U.Va. (panel)
  • “Criminal Justice Collapse: The Constitution after Hurricane Katrina”—Brandon Garrett (U.Va.), Tetlow, Tulane University
  • “Drowning Without a Hurricane: Race and Class After Katrina”—Dirk Philipsen, Virginia State University
  • “Politics and Race in Post-Katrina New Orleans”—Brian Brox, Tulane University (panel)
  • “From the Ground Up: A CED Perspective on the Redevelopment of New Orleans East”—T. Linh Ho, UCLA (panel)
Health/Public Policy
  • “Therapeutic Cultural Competence in theory and Practice following Hurricane Katrina: Culturally Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Disaster Relief”—Benson Cooke, University of the District of Columbia
  • Community at Risk: An assessment of the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the population of New Orleans”—John Pine, Louisiana State University (panel)
  • “Into the Gap—Medical Relief—Health Care in new Orleans After Hurricane Katrina”—Marcus Martin, U.Va. (panel)
Arts & Sciences
  • “When Levees Break: An African American Studies Perspective on Katrina”—Dr. Marilyn Mobley, George Mason University (panel)
  • “The Possible Role of Discrimination in the Helping Response after Hurricane Katrina”—Donald A. Saucier, Kansas State University
  • “Poverty, Welfare, and Race: Implications for Katrina’s Victims”—Ingrid Whitaker, Old Dominion University (panel)
  • “Hurricane Katrina through the Eyes of Black Children”—Thelma Young, University of North Florida
  • Hurricane Katrina: Racial Implications of Organizational Precursors, Responses, and Lessons Learned”—Laquita Blockson, College of Charleston (panel)
  • “Space Matters: Residential Segregation, Social Capital and the Opportunity in New Orleans”—Greg Fairchild, Darden panel
  • “Manna From Heaven: How to Build a Robust Minority Business Sector in New Orleans”—Greg Fairchild, U.Va
  • “Katrina as Case Study in Social Justice and the Complexity of Decision-Making in Large-Scale Sociotechnical Systems”—Kathryn Neely, U.Va. (panel)
  • “Mississippi; Rebuilding, Recovery, and Race”—Jim Sullenger, Restoration Point Foundation (panel)
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