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1998 University Teaching Initiative Grants

School of Architecture Architecture and Engineering McIntire School of Commerce Curry School of Education
Engineering and Applied Science School of Nursing College of Arts & Sciences: Chemistry
Classics Drama English Environmental Sciences
French Government & Foreign Affairs History Mathematics
Music Philosophy Physics Psychology
Religious Studies Slavic Languages & Literatures Sociology

School of Architecture

Title: Improving Instruction by Teaching Assistants in Introductory Architecture Courses
Faculty: Kenneth Schwartz and Peter Waldman
Description: Schwartz and Waldman will develop a consistent and formalized process of instruction for Teaching Assistants who teach "Architecture as a Covenant" (Arch 101) and "Fundamental of Architecture" (Arch 102). The grant will enable the professors to develop a workshop and retreats for the TAs.

Title: Development of an Electronic Slide Archive and Interactive Web Site
Faculty: C. W. Westfall
Description: Westfall will create an electronic slide archive and interactive website for a new interdisciplinary graduate core course.

Architecture and Engineering

Title: Fundamentals of Seismic Design: A Model for Interdisciplinary Team Teaching
Faculty: Kirk Martini, Tom Baber, Furman Barton and Lori Graham
Description: The Department of Architecture and the Department of Civil Engineering will collaborate in developing a new technical elective course, "Fundamentals of Seismic Design" to be offered in the Department of Civil Engineering to fourth-year undergraduates, graduate students and architecture students. The grant will be primary used to fund student assistance in developing and preparing lab exercise material, web material and templates.
WebsiteIntroduction to Seismic Design

McIntire School of Commerce

Title: Addition of Geographic Information System Software to Marketing Information Analysis (Comm 353)
Faculty: Leslie Cole
Description: Cole proposes to enhance undergraduate students' understanding of marketing information analysis and practical business applications in marketing with geographic information system software.

Title: Proposal to Enhance the Integrated, or "Block," Commerce Curriculum in the Third-Year
Faculty: Ray Haas and fifteen other Commerce faculty
Description: This effort will evaluate and further develop an extant teaching program for third-year Commerce students. The evaluation will consist of surveys and focus groups of third-year students, which will be analyzed by Commerce faculty.

Title: Teaching Practicum for TAs teaching Introductory Accounting I (Comm 201)
Faculty: Richard A. Scott
Description: This award is to provide a small honorarium for the six faculty members who will teach the Practicum for TAs in August.

Curry School of Education

Title: Advanced Technology Track for Curry School Teacher Education Students.
Faculty: Glen Bull & Mable Kinzie
Description: Bull and Kinzie will create an advanced technology track in their introductory course on Computers and Media in Teaching (EDLF 345). The new track will enable students to develop Web-based instructional materials for future K-12 students, using Web HTML editors, image processing, and sound and video software.

Title: Development of a Web-Based System for the Evaluation of Teaching
Faculty: Linda Bunker
Description: Bunker will design, test, and validate an anonymous, Internet-based course evaluation system which can be used by students throughout the University to provide feedback to instructors about the quality of their teaching.

Title: Introducing Case-Study Pedagogy and Technologically Aided Discussion into the Classroom
Faculty: Frederick M. Hess
Description: Hess aims to introduce case-study learning and electronic informational and discussion formats into three different courses on education policy. These innovations will facilitate interaction between students in the course, who come from different schools in the University and in some instances live a great distance from Charlottesville.

Engineering and Applied Science

Title: Incorporation of Instructional Technology in ENGR 205 Solid Mechanics I (Statics)
Faculty: Lori Graham
Description: Under Graham's guidance, an advanced undergraduate will produce a package of technological software, lecture demonstrations, and labs for the several faculty members and TAs involved in teaching ENGR 205 Solid Mechanics, a required civil engineering course.

Title: Web-Based Course Evaluation System for the School of Engineering and Applied Science
Faculty: Larry Richards
Description: In conjunction with a newly created standing committee on teaching effectiveness, Professor Richards proposes to supervise the creation of a Web-based course evaluation system, designed especially for the needs of the Engineering School by an ad hoc committee on Teaching & Course Evaluation.

School of Nursing

Title: Inserting Hypermedia in Core Professional Courses
Faculty: Sarah Farrell
Description: This project will develop a web page for a senior level undergraduate nursing course with hyperlinks to course materials from prerequisite courses. This site has the potential to strengthen the context and enhance the relevance of prerequisite knowledge for core nursing curriculum.

College of Arts & Sciences


Title: The Development of Interdisciplinary Components of an Integrated Four-Semester Introductory College Chemistry Curriculum
Faculty: Cassandra Fraser, M. G. Finn and W. Dean Harman
Description: The team plans to reorganize and redesign Chem 181, 182, 281 and 282. The proposed four-semester chemistry curricula constitute a radical departure from traditional college chemistry curricula.

Title: Feasibility Studies of University-Wide, Computer Technology-Based Curriculum Enhancements at the University of Virginia
Faculty: Charles M. Grisham
Description: Grisham will test the feasibility of writing software components that can be used by University faculty to accomplish common pedagogical activities, such as electronic enrollment databases, web-based quiz and testing software and virtual-reality modeling of textbook figures in three dimensions.

Title: Web Site for Chemistry for Citizens (121N-122N)
Faculty: Carl Trindle
Description: Trindle will design a website for the nonmajors course, Chemistry for Citizens (121N-122N). This website will be a guide to the students in the class and journalists interested in the ideas of chemistry.
WebsitesCHEM 121:  General Chemistry
                CHEM 122:  Contemporary Chemistry


Title: Enhancement of the Teaching of Intermediate Latin
Faculty: John Dillery
Description: Dillery will develop a summer teaching seminar for the TAs who will teach Latin classes, including a Latin Study Center, a Latin workbook and a website for Latin classes.


Title: Purchase of a HP Office Jet Printer/Scanner
Faculty: Thomas Bloom
Description: The purchase of a printer/scanner will assist undergraduate and graduate student designers in theatrical drafting and graphic image processing. This equipment will benefit six faculty members and all design students enrolled in scenic, costume, lighting, and technical design courses.

Title: Purchase of Dialect Tapes and CD-ROMS
Faculty: Kate Burke
Description: Burke will purchase of a collection primary source dialect tapes and CDs that will improve the teaching of voice courses, acting classes, and the coaching of dialects in theatrical productions.

Title: Purchase of Full Scores of Musical Theater
Faculty: Bob Chapel
Description: Chapel will purchase additional musical theater scores in order to fill large gaps in the musical theater repertoire available for students in DRAMA 442: Musical Theater Performance.

Title: Creating a Course Web Site for DRAM 504: Nineteenth Century American Theater
Faculty: John Frick
Description: Frick's project will enable the revision and improvement of his course on 19th-Century American Theater & Drama, by covering the expenses of finding new materials, securing the rights to them and putting the whole course on-line.

Title: Purchase of Costume Laboratory Drawer Units
Faculty: Gweneth West
Description: West will purchase several costume drawer units for the Drama Department's large collection of theatrical costumes. This equipment, which the department does not currently possess, will greatly enhance the instructional resources of two faculty members, three TAs, and the work of dozens of students in thirteen costume design and technology courses.


Title: Writing Seminars
Faculty: Greg Colomb
Description: This pilot project will develop writing seminars to teach students to write papers for various disciplines. Teaching materials will be developed that can be used as models for similar writing courses.

Title: Improvement of Teaching through Technological Resources
Faculty: Stephen Cushman
Description: This project will assemble a web-based electronic archive to enhance teaching of a large, new required course for English majors. The site will contain a substantial body of material, including critical arguments, historical and bibliographical materials, manuscripts and cultural artifacts.
WebsiteENGL 383: History of Literature in English III

Environmental Sciences

Title: Elements of Ecology
Faculty: Thomas Smith
Description: A website will be developed to support a new course, Elements of Ecology, that will be an introduction to the science of ecology and its application to current environmental issues. The web site will provide access to course materials, scientific literature and governmental and non-governmental resources.


Title: French Teaching and Learning Resources Site
Faculty: Cheryl Krueger
Description: This project will establish an easily accessed instructional resources website for teachers of French language courses and their students. This site will extend and complement currently existing resources.

Government & Foreign Affairs

Title: Internet-Enhanced Teaching for Course on Human Rights in World Politics
Faculty: Michael Joseph Smith
Description: An Internet web site will be developed that will enhance a new course on "Human Rights in World Politics" by providing students with links to resources such as United Nations Documents, online resources of the Minnesota Library on Human Rights, and a wide range of human rights organizations.


Title: Teaching History Workshops
Faculty: Tico Braun
Description: This project will develop a year-long series of teaching workshops for graduate students and faculty. These workshops will focus on issues that are specific to teaching the discipline of history.


Title: Graduate Teaching Assistants in Mathematics
Faculty: Harold Ward
Description: This project will enhance the efficacy of TAs in Mathematics by the preparation and distribution of a formal handbook for them, and by systematic employment of the Teaching Analysis Poll program of the Teaching Resource Center.


Title: Musicianship Training
Faculty: Fred Maus
Description: This award supports intensive course design for substantially improved musicianship courses. The project will culminate in a three-day workshop for graduate students.

Title: Music Technology Proposal
Faculty: Judith Shatin
Description: This project identifies, analyzes and implements a software program for musicianship and music theory instruction. It also critically evaluates software programs that would allow instructors to monitor individual student's progress.


Title: New Interdisciplinary Program and Teaching Enhancements for the Philosophy Department
Faculty: Daniel Devereux, Chair of Philosophy Department
Description: The Philosophy Department will help develop a new interdisciplinary program in Philosophy, Politics and Law in conjunction with Government and Foreign Affairs. Assistance will also be provided to faculty members developing course web pages, and training sessions will be given to Philosophy TAs.


Title: Interdisciplinary Teaching of Math and Science Courses
Faculty: Steven Thornton
Description: Faculty in Arts and Sciences, the Curry School and Engineering will collaborate to develop new interdisciplinary courses in math and science aimed at undergraduate students who do not intend to major in the sciences. The courses will stress "best practice" pedagogical methods, appropriate instructional technology, and hands-on learning methods.


Title: Multimedia Courseware for Introductory Child Psychology
Faculty: Charlotte Patterson
Description: Digitized video materials will be developed to give students in this large lecture class experiences such as "virtual" visits to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at UVA Hospital, child care facilities, and child development research labs around the country. Students will not only be able to read about, but also see and hear for themselves contemporary research procedures and findings, observe different community settings in which children grow up, and try their hands at the use of some well-known research methods.

Religious Studies

Title: Image Bank for Introduction to Eastern Religions
Faculty: Anne Monius
Description: Electronic images will be assembled and made available on the World Wide Web for class presentations and for students in this large lecture class in Eastern Religions. Images will include maps, photographs of religious architecture, and a variety of religious images.

Title: Evaluation Assistant and Visual Materials for Religious Studies
Faculty: Gene Rogers
Description: An evaluation assistant will prepare and schedule exit interviews with undergraduates, as well as design and process machine-scannable teaching evaluation forms. The grant will also fund the acquisition of maps and slides to be used in a variety of courses in religious studies.

Slavic Languages and Literature

Title: Creation of Web Site to Support Courses in Russian Literature in Translation
Faculty: Julian Connolly
Description: A website will be created offering an individualized set of explanatory materials, complete with photographs and text, keyed to each of the literary works covered in courses on 19th-Century Russian Literature in Translation, and on Dostoevsky. These materials will elucidate cultural and social references in the literary texts, which are likely to be unfamiliar to the students in the class.
WebsiteRUTR 335:  Devils and Doubles in 19th Century Russian Literature

Title: Development of Teaching Materials for Course in Black English
Faculty: Mark Elson
Description: Audio-visual materials will be developed for students studying the history and structure of Black English. Other course materials, such as a website and exercises for discussion sections, will also be created.
WebsiteLNGS 222:  Black English

Title: Integrating Culture into Russian Literature Courses
Faculty: Karen Ryan-Hayes
Description: Course materials for the Modern Russian Culture course will be developed on CD, allowing the integration of architecture, film, painting and music into the course. Ryan-Hayes will also share with her colleagues in the Slavic Department the ideas and skills she acquires through this project.
WebsiteRUTR 236/336: Modern Russian Culture


Title: Entering the 21st Century Along with American Business:  Technological Enhancements to a Course in the Sociology of American Business
Faculty: Sarah Corse
Description: The large lecture course in the Sociology of American Business will be redesigned using new teaching technologies, including a class website and visual materials for classroom presentation. The website will include links to appropriate outside materials, discussion questions and section exercises, as well as a simulation exercise.
WebsiteSOC 279:  Sociology of American Business

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