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Letter to the Editors of the Cavalier Daily

February 5, 2004

In this morning's story headlined MED. SCHOOL REEVALUATES LIVE ANIMAL USE IN CLASSES there was an error in the following paragraph:

According to Garson, the Life Saving Techniques Lab is an elective in the Medical School, but students seeking to enter many areas of medicine, especially surgical ones, were required to take the lab. Medical students can take the course once a year as part of a surgery rotation.

It is true that the class is an elective, as Dean Garson was referenced as saying. But the reporter then went on to say the class was required by some students.
The fact is, the class is an elective, and not required for any medical students. Perhaps the reporter misunderstood the dean when he told the reporter that the class is targeted to -- and especially useful for -- students going into certain surgical specialties.

It would be much appreciated if the story could be corrected on line as soon as possible and that a correction be printed in Friday's edition.
Many thanks for your attention to this.

Carol Wood
Interim Assistant Vice President for University Relations,
University of Virginia


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