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"Body Shop" Featured At U.Va.’S Fayerweather Gallery

Sept. 20, 1999 -- "Our cars are personal objects. Everyone is very intimate with his or her car. To me the car is our connection to the American landscape," says Rosemarie Fiore, a faculty member of the University of Virginia’s McIntire Department of Art.

"Body Shop," an exhibition of a series of works Fiore created at the Skowhegen artist colony in Maine this summer, pushes the boundaries of traditional technique. Fiore used her 1995 Subaru Legacy and the fluids that are essential to make it run as the tools to create her art. The show itself forms a journey through the landscape of the car.

In "Subaru Legacy Rear Wiper Paintings," Fiore squirted motor oil, transmission fluid, coolant and power fluid out of the rear wiper and pressed them into paper to create a series of delicate fan-shaped images that are almost Oriental in character.

The motor of the Subaru becomes a topographical map in another work, a rubbing that records the landscape of the engine. It is like an archeological dig, an excavation of the parts of the engine, says Fiore.

Another work is a 5x6-foot fresco made by embossing tire marks with lamp black, a carbon pigment, on wet lime, a very absorbent surface. Lamp black was the closest pigment to car exhaust, something the car would make itself, that she could find. The juxtaposition of creating delicate objects with an aggressive technique is at the heart of the show.

In "Subaru Test Drive," Fiore embedded layers of everyday items in asphalt and ran over them with the front tire of her car. The 50-foot piece is accompanied by a video documenting its creation. The items are grouped into "stories" that become like a time-line of a journey, said Fiore.

The "skin" of the car is recorded in another rubbing. Starting with the driver’s door and traveling 360-degrees around, Fiore explores the vehicle's outer landscape.

"The car is very American, very much a part of our society. We live in our cars. We eat in our cars, talk on the phone. It is our personal, familiar space in today’s chaotic and distant society," said Fiore.

"Body Shop" runs from Oct. 1 through Oct. 29 in Fayerweather Gallery with an opening reception on Oct. 1 at 5:30 p.m.. The gallery, located on Rugby Road, is open Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

On Friday, Oct. 8, Fiore will give a lecture and slide presentation about her work at 5:30 p.m. in 160 Campbell Hall.

For electronic images of Fiore’s work contact Jane Ford at (804) 924-4298 or For more information about the exhibit, contact Sylvia New Strawn at (804) 924-6122.

Contact: Jane Ford, (804) 924-4298

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