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Writer’s Eye Awards Ceremony To Be Held Feb. 4

January 11, 2001 -- The public is invited to the Bayly Art Museum’s annual Writer’s Eye Awards ceremony on Sunday, Feb. 4, at 3 p.m. in Campbell Hall, Room153 at the University of Virginia. The first place winners in each category (prose and poetry) and age level will read their entry during the ceremony. First, second, and third place winners in all categories will be honored, and honorable mention recipients will also be recognized. A reception at the museum will follow the awards ceremony.

Each year the docents of the Bayly Art Museum organize the Writer’s Eye competition. This year’s program, the 14th, was chaired by docent Mary Ellen Brehm, and received almost 1,100 entries in prose and poetry, submitted in four age categories: grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, and university/adult. (No awards were given in the adult prose category this year due to an insufficient number of entries.)

This year’s winners are:

Grades 3-5

Poetry First Josephine Blount Greer

Second Sarah Mary Goldfarb Venable

Third Jake Parks Meriweather Lewis

Emma Leslie Arata Venable

Prose First Chelsey Pippin Woodbrook

Second Daisa Granger Cale

Third Laura Baginski Covenant

Grades 6-8

Poetry First Sarah Chase-Levenson Village

Second Janet Pan Burley

Third Lucia Strini St. Anne’s-Belfield

Prose First Lydia Lictenberger Buford

Second Elizabeth Ribble Buford

Third Abigail Diamond Buford


Grades 9-12

Poetry First Malcolm Perkins Charlottesville H.S.

Second Martisha Johnson Charlottesville H.S.

Third Elizabeth Ochs Charlottesville H.S.

Prose First Emily McMullen Charlottesville H.S.

Second Will Anderson Charlottesville H.S.

Third Sarah Merkel Charlottesville H.S.


Poetry First Jessica Van Denend

Second Thorpe Moeckel

Third Penn Whaling

Honorable Mention

Grades 3-5

Poetry Corbett Wicks St. Anne’s-Belfield

Rebecca M. Fredrick Woodbrook

Laura M. Campbell Virginia L. Murray

Prose Benita Strini St. Anne’s-Belfield

Fiona Balestrieri Meriweather Lewis

Walter McKusick Hollymead

Grades 6-8

Poetry Jocelyn Spaar Village School

Lily Wren Collins St. Anne’s-Belfield

Amba Swanson North Branch School

Prose India Hall Grymes Memorial

Taylor Pilkinton Buford

Katie Connor Burley

Grades 9-12

Poetry Claire L. Whitenack Albemarle

Jean Majewski Charlottesville

Michael Rutherson Charlottesville

Prose Cora Wilbur Charlottesville

Michael Keller Charlottesville




Poetry Catherine Glover

Dana Bost

April Manteris

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