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Alumni Boards give $300,000 to U.Va.
Funds Will Support Undergraduate Teaching

October 11, 2002-- In response to the Commonwealth’s financial crisis, two independent alumni groups are giving $300,000 to protect undergraduate classes at the University of Virginia.

Representatives from the U.Va. Alumni Association and the University’s College Foundation will present ceremonial checks for $150,000 from each organization to U.Va. President John T. Casteen III on Saturday, Oct. 12, the day both groups’ leadership boards meet in Charlottesville.

The money will be used to restore classes in the College of Arts & Sciences that otherwise could not have been offered this year.

In April, shortly after the severity of state budget cuts became apparent, Arts & Sciences Dean Edward L. Ayers and College Foundation Vice President John L. Nau III appealed to the Alumni Association for funds. The Alumni Association Board of Managers responded by issuing a challenge to the College Foundation Board of Trustees.

The Alumni Association offered to match, up to $150,000, new gifts made by individual trustees of the College Foundation. According to the language of the challenge, the funds are to “help prevent the elimination of essential classes for students” and to “enhance the opportunity for students to enjoy small classes at the University.” Members of the College Foundation Board of Trustees contributed the $150,000, triggering the Alumni Association match.

“Together with the matching gift from the College Foundation, this is a promising development,” Casteen said. “The experts are saying that it will be a long time before Virginia gets its financial house back in order, and that we must act locally to protect quality. Both the Alumni Association and the College Foundation are focusing on ways to protect excellence at the University’s core. Educational quality follows naturally from interaction between gifted, dedicated faculty members and students with the same qualities—interaction that happens here most often and best in the smaller courses that have made the College such a distinguished institution. In this gift, both donors are acknowledging that they can’t solve all of the problems created by this most recent state financial catastrophe, and that instead they will attack one that all of us know is critical. Bravo. A great gift at the right time for the right purpose. Mr. Jefferson would applaud.”

The U.Va. Alumni Association is an independent membership organization of U.Va. graduates; it relies on gifts and membership dues to support alumni services and scholarship programs at U.Va. This gift is part of the Alumni Association’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the educational experience for current and future students at the University.
The College Foundation is a non-profit foundation created by alumni of the College of Arts & Sciences to raise money for the University’s core undergraduate academic program, commonly referred to as “The College.”


Editors Note: We welcome your coverage of the ceremonial check presentation at 8 a.m. Saturday, October 12, in the Alumni Hall boardroom. Participants include:
John T. Casteen III, President, University of Virginia
Edward L. Ayers, Dean, College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Michael Smith, Chair, U.Va. Faculty Senate
H. Eugene Lockhart Jr., Vice President, Alumni Association Board of Managers
John L. Nau III, Vice President, College Foundation Board of Trustees

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SOURCE: U.Va. News Services


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