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The Impact Of Art On Contemporary Society Theme Of Lecture Series

September 26, 2002-- What fundamentals of art are universal? Does the First Amendment properly define and defend artistic expression?

These will be some of the questions discussed as part of the University of Virginia’s Forum for Contemporary Thought, a speaker series sponsored by the Faculty Senate.

“Art and Society” will be the theme of the forum, created to foster intellectual community and dialogue across disciplines. U.Va.’s College of Arts & Sciences, the Olsson Center for Applied Ethics and the schools of law, business, engineering, architecture, education and nursing fund it.

The series will begin on Monday, Sept. 30, with Brian Stock, professor of history and literature from the University of Toronto. His talk, "Ethics and the Humanities: The Role of Reading Practices," will be at 4 p.m. in Wilson Hall 402. The event is co-sponsored by the Religious Studies Department and Institute for Practical Ethics. The series will end with the Centennial Symposium for Karl Popper on Nov. 23.

The talks are free and open to the public.


Oct. 3: Wendy Steiner, director of Penn Humanities Forum and professor of English, University of Pennsylvania, “The Trouble with Beauty." 4 p.m. Wilson 402. Book signing to follow.

Oct. 10: Susan McClary, professor of musicology, UCLA, "Evidence of Things Not Seen: History, Subjectivities, Music." 4 p.m. Wilson 402. Reception to follow.

Oct. 21: Henry Jenkins, professor of humanities and director of the comparative media studies program at M.I.T. "Games, the New Lively Art?" Wilson 402. Reception to follow (co-sponsored by the Media Studies Program).

Oct. 25: Guillermo Gomez-Pena, performer rand writer, “‘Mexotica 3000’ A Living Diorama Performance” (in collaboration with Juan Ybarra). 7 p.m. Fringe Festival. Location, TBA.

Oct. 27: "Ethno Techno,” The Gladys Blizzard Lecture. Campbell Hall 158 (co-sponsored by The Virginia Film Festival, U.Va. Art Museum, Hispanic Studies Program and Brown College).

Oct. 25: Lynn Hershman, digital/film/video/installation artist, “Pandora's Bots and Reproductive Rights in an Age of Digital and Human Sampling." 1 p.m.Clemons 201

Oct. 26: "Teknolust” screening, 1 p.m. Vinegar Hill Theater.

Oct. 28: Marjorie Heins, director of the Free Expression Policy Project, New York. "The Miracle, Film Censorship and the Entanglement of Church and State." Lecture and book signing to follow. 1 p.m. Wilson 402.

Nov. 8: Elliot Eisner, professor of education and art, School of Education, Stanford University. "The Arts and the Creation of Mind." 4 p.m. Wilson Hall 402. Reception to follow.

Nov. 15: Susan Haack, professor of philosophy, University of Miami."Not Till It's Over: Reflections on the End of Science." 4 p.m. Wilson Hall 402. Book signing to follow.

Nov. 18: Frederick Schauer, professor of the First Amendment, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard."Does Art Matter: The Conundrum of Art and Public Policy." 4 p.m.Wilson Hall 402. Reception to follow.

Nov. 22-23.Centennial Symposium for Karl Popper, Dome Room, the Rotunda.

Nov. 22: – 9 a.m. Ian Jarvie, professor of philosophy, York University, Canada
10:30 a.m. David Miller, department of philosophy, Warwick University
1 p.m. George Soros, Soros Foundation, New York
2: 30 p.m. Malachi Hacohen, associate professor of history, Duke University

Nov. 23: -- 9 a.m. Agnes Heller, professor of philosophy and political science, New School University, New York.
10 a.m. Joseph Agassi, professor of philosophy emeritus, Tel Aviv University and York University.


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