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U.Va. Art Museum Announces “Our View” Contest Winners

June 19, 2003 -- The University of Virginia Art Museum announces the winners of its recent “Our View” photography contest for high school students. Co-sponsored by the Oakwood Arts Foundation with additional support provided by Crutchfield Corporation, Virginia National Bank, Stubblefield Photo Lab and Rapid Photos, the inaugural competition invited high school students in Charlottesville and Albemarle County to submit up to 10 color or black-and-white prints in six categories: landscape/scenery; still life; our town; portraits/personalities; animals/pets; and sports/action.

The photographs were judged by a distinguished panel — Sam Abell, Stacy Evans, John Grant, Mary Kalergis, Michael Nichols and Bill Sublette — who also donated their time and expertise in two free photography workshops before the contest.

Winning entries and selected honorary mention photographs will be featured in an “Our View” book to be published by Oakwood Arts Foundation later this year. Frank and Merry Thomasson, who helped organize the contest, will also manage production of the book. Many of the photographs will be exhibited at the U.Va. Art Museum in December.

“We were thrilled with the response from high school students throughout our region,” said Jill Hartz, museum director. “More than 200 students and their families attended our awards reception in May, and we look forward to sharing their views of our community with the public in December.”

Winners are:

First: Adam Pesch – “Side View Mirror”
Second: Holly Nicholson – “Nature’s Split”
Third: Mariah Clark – “Summer Day”
Fourth: Andrew West – “Sunny Curving Road”
Fifth: Shanna Hogberg – “Rural Row”

Still Life
First: Sam Osimitz – “Reflecting Pool”
Second: Eric Schulman – “Fools Names and Fools Faces Are Often Found In Public Places”
Third: Virginia Moore – “Soft Shell Crabs and A Snapper”
Fourth: Cabell Cox – “Free Union”

First: Travis Hurt – “Rocket”
Second: Natalie Warren – “Cricket”
Third: Anne Elizabeth Mullen – “Large and In Charge”
Fourth: Adam Pesch – “Follow the Leader”

Our Town
First: Ashby Leavell – “Foodfight!”
Second: Stephanie Ramsay – “Children at Play”
Third: Christa Albano – “Slanted View”
Fourth: Mary Lamb – “Puddle Jumper”

First: Emma Givens – “At Home In Crozet”
Second: Emma Givens – “Von Dutch”
Third: Sam Osimitz – “3 Friends”
Fourth: Peter Raasse – “As Seen Through Glasses”

First: Jenny Baker – “Up”
Second: Emily Behler – “At The Discovery Dash”
Third: Mathew Lawrence – “River Run”


Images for use by the media are available at the Web sites listed below.

First: Adam Pesch – “Side View Mirror”

First: Travis Hurt – “Rocket”

First: Jenny Baker – “Up”

Contact: Jane Anne Young, (434) 924-7142

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SOURCE: U.Va. News Services


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