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University of Virginia Winners of Outstanding Faculty Awards


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The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia has given its Outstanding Faculty Awards for 20 years.

U.Va.’s winners:

2006 John D. Arras, Philosophy/Bioethics, and
José D. Fuentes, Environmental Sciences

2005 R. Edward Freeman, Business Administration

 2004 Jonathan Haidt, Psychology

 2003 Barbara Brodie, Nursing, and Daniel Hallahan, Education

 2000 Brian Wills (U.Va.’s College at Wise), History

 1999 Edmund Russell III, Technology, Culture & Communications

 1998 Louis Bloomfield, Physics, and Michael Klarman, Law

 1997 Pamela Karlan, Law

 1996 Robert Gibson, Clinical Medicine

 1995 Robert Bruner, Business Administration, and Patricia Spacks, English

 1994 Paul Gaston, History

 1993 Larry Sabato, Government

 1992 Leigh Donowitz, Pediatrics; Kenneth Elzinga, Economics; and Garrett Sheldon (U.Va.’s College at Wise), Political Science

 1991 Edward Ayers, History

 1990 Barry Johnson, Electrical Engineering, and James Miller, Neurology

 1989 Richard Edlich, Plastic Surgery, and Michael Scheld, Internal Medicine & Neurology

 1988 Carolyn Callahan, Education, and Harold Kolb, English

 1987 Stephen Wilson, Electrical Engineering


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