97-03-19 Former Virginia Sen. Hunter B. Andrews to Give U.Va.'s Graduation Addre
97-03-04 Nursing Textbook Receives Book of the Year Award
97-03-13 Ecology-Minded Urban Designer Diana Balmori to Lecture at U.Va. School
97-03-25 Carolyn Callahan Succeeds D. Alan Williams as Faculty Athletic Represen
97-03-07 U.Va., Virginia Tech Officially Open New Joint Center to Meet Education
97-03-19 Symposium To Examine Hong Kong's Reversion to China
97-03-14 Conference to Explore Schools That Succeed Against the Odds
97-03-11 New U.Va. Cooper Center Publication, "Spotlight on Virginia," Shows Vir
97-03-20 Romance, Suspense Novels Entertain Us; Great Literary Works Identify Us
97-03-05 New Institute Instructs Kuwaitis in Art of Diplomacy
97-03-18 Bookmark It! Education Facts On-Line
97-03-29 Former U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders to Speak at U.Va.
97-03-18 Deregulation Comes to the Electric Power Industry
97-03-12 April 4 Conference at University of Virginia Stresses Need for Ethical
97-03-12 April Conference at University of Virginia will Stress Need for Ethical
97-03-25 Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers to Examine Family Violence at u.Va. Con
97-03-14 "Telling About the South": National Graduate Student Conference to Foc
97-03-13 Architect Michael Graves to Lecture at U.Va. March 27
97-03-04 Maintaining Ties With the Dead May Help Grieving Relatives
97-03-13 A Sublime Encounter: Comet Hale-Bopp Comes to Charlottesville
97-03-08 Program Aids Adults Who are Experiencing Hearing Loss
97-03-22 U.Va. Economist Sam Kaplan Chosen President-Elect of Virginia Associati
97-03-05 U.Va. Law School Increases Campaign Goal to $100 Million
97-03-28 U.Va. Students to Explore "Nontraditional Leadership"
97-03-26 One City's Environmental Example: Brazilian Leader Jaime Lerner to be
97-03-12 Lecturer to Discuss Literacy Issues
97-03-05 New Book Offers James Madison's Most Perceptive Observations Across the
97-03-13 Poet Heather McHugh Will be Visiting Rea Writer at U.Va.
97-03-21 Architect Michael Graves to Lecture at U.Va. April 3
97-03-25 David Orr to Lecture at U.Va. March 31
97-03-28 Author of Book About Sex Differences to Give First Annual Jill T. Rineh
97-03-26 U.Va. Conference Examines the Changing Face of Russia
97-03-03 Program Featuring Larry Sabato's New Book to Air on C-SPAN
97-03-28 Seminar to Explore Options in Electronic Publishing
97-03-03 U.Va. Grounds Reflect Religious Interests as Easter, Passover Approach
97-03-07 Colleges, Universities are Increasingly Using Non-Tenure-Track Faculty,
97-03-18 Virginia Engineering Foundation Recognizes William Wulf as Winner of 19
97-03-25 Carl Zeithaml Named Dean of U.Va.'s McIntire School of Commerce