97-11-12 Musk Shrew Love: Research Suggests Stress-Induced Hormone May Facilitat
97-11-04 Today's Tipsheet
97-11-11 Actor Christopher Reeve to Give U.Va. Valedictory Address in Spring
97-11-06 Exhibit at Fayerweather Gallery Features Contimporary Graphic Art from
97-11-11 What Do Ataturk and Jefferson Have in Common?
97-11-25 New Book Puts Virginia Banking in Historical Perspective
97-11-06 Novelist Jill McCorkle U.Va.'s Rea Visiting Writer to Speak at Bookstor
97-11-04 U.Va. Mammography Researchers Fajardo to Address New Technologies
97-11-04 Media Advisory Venezuelan Ambassador to Speak at Casa Bolivar Dedicati
97-11-05 Thomas C. Sorensen, Retired Executive & University Benefactor, Dies at
97-11-26 U.Va. Extends Early-Decision Offers to 872 Applicants
97-11-25 Talks Will Adress Future of Education in Virginia
97-11-20 University Hires Ombudsman, EOP Director
97-11-26 Charlottesville Residents Create Immeasurable Fun
97-11-05 Conference will Probe Lawmakers' Roles in Family Life
97-11-12 Youth Gangs are Serious Problem in Northern Virginia Schools, Survey Sh
97-11-05 Harrison Awards Recognize Work of 10 Outstanding U.Va. Faculty and Adm
97-11-17 Natalie Kononenko Wins Award for Her Study of Ukranian Minstrels in Lit
97-11-17 U.Va. Expert on Russia Publishes Foreign Policy Advice, America Needs t
97-11-05 U.Va. Program Now Offers On-Line Registration
97-11-14 U.Va. Music Lecturer Fell for Opera When Young, Has Been Hitting the Hi
97-11-14 Poverty Picture has Changed Across Virginia, With Children Hardest Hit
97-11-11 Race Relations Videoconference to be Presented at U.Va
97-11-06 Old-Fashioned Values and High-Tech Skills are in Demand
97-11-18 Innovative Michigan Educator Edward A. Snyder to Become Dean of U.Va's
97-11-19 Media Advisory Rally at Statue Will Aim to Raise Awareness of Misrepre
97-11-04 Talk will Address Increasing Demand for Teachers
97-11-13 Williamsburg Workshop to Focus on Implementing New Standards for Virgin