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Calendar Committee


Membership as of August 27, 2014

John D. Simon, Chair (Executive Vice President and Provost)
Ian B. Baucom (Dean, College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences)
Dudley J. Doane (Director of Summer and Special Academic Programs)
Dorrie K. Fontaine (Dean, School of Nursing)
Allen W. Groves (Dean of Students)
Janie Heath (School of Nursing)
Pamela W. Higgins (President's Office Representative)
William J. Kehoe (Faculty Senate Representative)
Richard A. Kovatch (Associate Vice President for Business Operations)
Jane Miller (Senior Associate Athletics Director for Programs)
Rachel Most (Associate Dean, Director of Advising, College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences)
Lori D. O'Connor (Employee Council Representative)
Robert C. Pianta (Dean, Curry School of Education)
Gregory W. Roberts (Dean of Admissions)
Carol Stanley (University Registrar)
M. Wynne Stuart (Associate Provost for Academic Support and Classroom Management)

Student Members:

Shivin Agarwal (Undergraduate Representative)
Reedy C. Swanson (Graduate Representative)