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Committee on Sustainability


Membership as of October 28, 2014

Cheryl L. Gomez, Co-chair (Director of Energy & Utilities)
Mark A. White, Co-chair
Phoebe Crisman
Anthony P. de Bruyn (University Communications Representative)
Kevin E. Fox (Vice President and CEO of the Medical Center)
James N. Galloway (Research Community Representative, Environmental Science)
Andrew J. Greene (Office of the University Architect)
William C. Keene, Jr. (Faculty Senate Representative)
Michael J. Lenox (Faculty Representative, Darden)
Karen J. McGlathery (Associate Vice President for Research, Sustainability and the Environment)
Frederick A. Missel (Representative, University of Virginia Foundation)
Kristin L. Morgan (Representative, Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity and Equity)
Amy J. Muldoon (Employee Council Representative)
Scott R. Norris (Representative, Vice President for Student Affairs)
M. Wynne Stuart (Associate Provost for Academic Support & Classroom Management)
Donald E. Sundgren (Chief Facilities Officer)
Andrea R. Trimble (Director, Office for Sustainability)
Jason G. Weinstein (Representative, Chief Information Officer)
Rebecca White (Business Operations Representative)
Timothy J. White (Representative, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer)

Student Members:

Julia J. Kwolyk (Graduate Representative)
Alexander M. Russell (Undergraduate Representative)