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Office of Web Communications

The Office of Web Communications has responsibility for the creation and oversight of the University Home Page and its second-level pages. It also has responsibility for University-wide sites, including institutional pages such as the President's Web site; Emergency/Critical Incident; The Vice Presidents; the University Calendar; U.Va. Podcasting site; numerous RSS feeds, U.Va.'s text pages for accessibility; U.Va. for Kids; Week in Photos.

To learn more about the University's home page, visit About the U.Va. Home Page where you will find a listing of new features and learn about the history of the design. This page also includes a link to the Home Page Archive where you can view a historical record of U.Va. home pages going back to 1991.

The Web Communications Office also publishes Web Guidelines/Standards for University Web sites, and Web Development Support a resource for University Web users. The office works with ITC to create new technologies to disseminate information to the University and outside community.

The Office of Web Communications offers a range of services to University administrative offices and academic departments. By using our services, you can ensure that your site is in compliance with general U.Va. Web site policies, including ADA compliance. We can create an entirely new Web site, revise or redesign an existing site, or provide other services you might require. Our services include:

  • Site design or redesign
  • Site architecture and navigation systems
  • Accessibility compliance
  • Content development and editing services
  • Training in maintaining and updating your sites
  • Web site marketing
  • Accounts establishment

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The Webmaster creates accounts for administrative offices and works with ITC to ensure that accounts are appropriately named, maintained, and linked.

The University of Virginia Home Page


The University of Virginia Home Page ( is the official Internet site for the University of Virginia. The "official" home page structure includes the Home Page, special interest pages, and other sites integrated into the home page structure (maps, calendar, search, Web site index, emergency/critical incident, addresses). Pages that replace or supplement existing home pages through new interactive technologies are considered part of the home page structure.


The objective of the Home Page is to provide a point of entry for the academic and public community to the University's officially recognized information resources through links and navigational mechanisms and to provide timely content and news and events of general interest about the University of Virginia. The following audiences are especially targeted: Students (undergraduate, graduate, and international); Faculty and Staff; Prospective Students; Alumni and Friends; and Parents and Families.

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The University's Web site is produced by University Communication's Web Communications Office. The Web Communications Office has the responsibility of defining the content, look and feel, interface, links, information architecture, and navigation of the University's official home pages.

Sheri Winston, Director of Audio, Video and Web, oversees the management, content, design, and functionality of the University of Virginia Web site ( Web developers Jonelle Kinback, Kristy Moon, Christina Meyer, Carey Hill, and Lana Elam help maintain the University's home page structure and unit Web pages.

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Advertising Policy

Consistent with University and state policy on the appropriate use of equipment, the University’s Web site (signified by the address "" or within the range of Internet protocol addresses assigned to the University of Virginia) cannot be used for commercial, non-mission-related purposes.

In practice, this means that advertising space cannot be sold at any level of the Web site. The director of Web Communications oversees this policy. Please see the full Advertising Policy.

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Home Page Policies

Links: The University of Virginia Home Page provides a framework and mechanism for structured retrieval of officially authorized information resources of the institution through links on each of its blue button navigation, pop-up menu links, and other Home Page navigation. Publications and other information resources created by an official unit or other recognized organization of the University or an individual-created information resource, which is sponsored by an official unit or registered organization, are eligible for inclusion in the University of Virginia Web site.

Links will not be made to unsponsored personal resources — e.g., a personal or other home page for which a unit has not accepted responsibility.

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Non-University resources: i.e., information resources that originate from a non-University Internet host will, in most cases, not be linked directly to the University of Virginia site. Exceptions to this can include instances where a non-University host provides information generally recognized as being of University interest (athletics, Charlottesville links).

Logos, Trademarks, and Licensed Graphics

Official University of Virginia logos, seals, and graphics relating to the University may be subject to licensing agreements and any use of these would require approval. If you have questions about the legal use of these items, contact Todd Goodale, Associate Director of Athletics for Marketing and Video Services at (434) 982-5600.

The University Logo Site is administered by Mike Jones in University Communications.

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Photographs, Graphics, and Technologies

Use of design, images, graphics, or technologies associated with the University of Virginia Web site ( is prohibited without written permission. Images in use on the University Home Page, the Grounds Tour, the Postcards, and the Backgrounds & Screensavers pages cannot be reproduced. They are under limited-use agreements with photographers, and some images are the property of University Communications. For inquiries, email:

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Viewing Our Site

The University of Virginia Web site is designed to enhance the viewing experience of users with modern browser technology. Dynamically generated text versions are available for older browsers, hand held, and assistive devices.

The look of the University Home Page may vary slightly according to your monitor's settings for color and the default font. The U.Va. Home Page and immediate second-level pages use Arial and Arial narrow as the standard font for content viewing. Graphics and images that use additional fonts were created with best-case and worst-case viewing scenarios in mind, and all images have been optimized for faster download.

In support of equal access and widespread use of the University site, we have provided document tags and other supporting data for those using expanded browser and viewing technologies.

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Initiatives and Development

The University of Virginia Web site is the entry point for many to the University. The University Webmaster continually reviews and develops the University Web site, realizing the possibilities of new technologies and evaluating methods of access to provide up-to-date, accurate information methodically and attractively.

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