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Committee on Financial Aid

Committee Reporting Relationship

The Committee reports to the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.


The Committee on Financial Aid advises the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer on matters related to financial aid policy and administration including:

  • Establishing reasonable budgets for students attending the various schools of the University (These budgets, when compared with the resources of the student, determine whether or not the student demonstrates financial need.)
  • Defining the method by which a student's financial need is met (These methods provide the framework for the appropriate packaging of students' awards, i.e., awarding a proper ratio of loan and work-study to scholarships in accordance with available funds.)
  • Providing the faculties from the various schools and the student body, through their representation on the Committee, with a direct voice in the formulation and implementation of University financial aid policies
  • Establishing precedents for financial awards through individual consideration of applicants with unusual financial or personal circumstances
  • Facilitating interdepartmental communication and cooperation through consideration of special student concerns brought to its attention by various University officials and Committee members
  • Hearing appeals from student-athletes who either have lost their grant-in-aid or who have had it reduced

Committee Structure

The Committee, appointed by the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, consists of:

Representatives from the following schools:

  • Architecture
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Commerce
  • Continuing and Professional Studies
  • Darden (ex-officio)
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Graduate Arts and Sciences
  • Law (ex-officio)
  • Leadership and Public Policy
  • Medicine (ex-officio)
  • Nursing

Representatives from the following offices:

  • Admissions (ex-officio)
  • African-American Affairs
  • Athletics (ex-officio)
  • Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost (ex-officio)
  • International Studies
  • Student Financial Services (ex-officio)
The Committee includes three at-large student members and four at-large faculty/staff members.