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Committee on Financial Aid


Membership as of September 29, 2011

Dion W. Lewis, Chair
Susan H. Barr (Continuing & Professional Studies)
Kimberly C. Bassett (at-large representative)
Edward J. Berger (Engineering)
Daniel Chavez (at-large representative)
Ronald G. Dimberg (Graduate Arts & Sciences)
Dudley Doane (International Studies)
William H. Guilford (at-large representative)
Mark C. Hampton (Education)
Howard Hoege (Leadership and Public Policy)
Catherine F. Kane (at-large representative)
Allen Lee (Architecture)
J. Frank Papovich (College of Arts & Sciences)
Dawn B. Rigney (Nursing)
Robert W. Tharpe (Commerce)

Student Members:

Sarajanee O. Davis
Lisa V. Littman
Evan A. Shields


Eric Baumgartner (Athletics)
Brian R. Cullaty (Provost Office)
Jennifer Hulvey (Law)
Stephen A. Kimata (Acting Director, Student Financial Services)
Laurence G. Mueller (Graduate Business)
Gregory W. Roberts (Admissions)
Nancy L. Zimmer (Medicine)