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Committee on Public Art


Membership as of October 10, 2011

Richard Guy Wilson, Chair
Reba S. Camp (Representative of the Vice President and CEO of the Health System)
Joan B. Fry (Special Assistant to the President)
Allen W. Groves (Dean of Students)
Mary V. Hughes (University Landscape Architect)
Allison H. Innes
Marc L. Lipson
Megan B. Marlatt (Representative, Studio Art Program)
David J. Neuman (Architect for the University)
Howard M. Singerman (Chair, Art Department)
Kim Tanzer (Dean, School of Architecture)
Judith E. Thomas
Anna K. Towns (Chair, Arboretum and Landscape Committee)
Ida Lee D. Wootten (Director, Community Relations)

Student Members:

Kelsey Petrie (Representative, University Programs Council)
Alexandria M. Triana


Bruce A. Boucher
Ruth C. Cross
James B. Godfrey
Emma M. Terry, Secretary
Jody Kielbasa (Vice Provost for the Arts)