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Women's Leadership Council

Mentoring at U.Va.

The "Report on Gender Equity at the University of Virginia" (August 2, 1999) recommended the institution of mentoring programs for faculty, staff and students to help increase representation of women and improve the climate for women. Mentoring programs include efforts in faculty advising/development, student advising/leadership development, staff and administrative leadership development, minority and gender specific programs and others. The report suggested that effectiveness would be increased by offering of mentoring programs across the university, with departmental, program, or school-specific programs as appropriate.
In response University of Virginia Women's Leadership Council appointed a mentoring subcommittee with the specific tasks of (1) identifying the existing mentoring programs at UVA, (2) identifying mentoring programs that exist nationally at other institutions, (3) advertising those existing programs and providing information on effective mentoring, and (4) encouraging creation and further development of mentoring programs in those UVA departments who do not have effective mentoring programs. The subcommittee continues to work on these issues, but has added this information to our web site. to provide information on existing mentoring programs at the University to the community. There are many programs not described here which provide valuable mentoring experiences to particular populations within the University that may also be of interest. These include:

University of Virginia Faculty Mentoring Opportunities