Accounting (MS)
Aerospace Engineering (BS)
Afr-Am and African Studies (BA)
Anthropology (BA)
Anthropology (MA)
Anthropology (PhD)
Architectural History (BARH)
Architectural History (MARH)
Architecture (BS)
Architecture (MArch)
AREA-Latin American Stds (BA)
Art-Art History (BA)
Arts and Sciences Undeclared
Art-Studio Art (BA)
Astronomy (PhD)
Biology (BA)
Biology (BS)
Biology (PhD)
Biomedical Engineering (BS)
Business Administration (EMBA)
Business Administration (MBA)
Business Administration (MBA)
Business Administration(GEMBA)
Chemical Engineering (BS)
Chemistry (BS)
Chemistry (PhD)
Chemistry-Biochemistry (BS)
Civil Engineering (BS)
Civil Engineering (PhD)
Civil Engineering (PhD)
Classics (BA)
Clinical Psychology (PhD)
Commerce (BSC)
Commerce (MS)
Commerce (MS)
Computer Engineering (BS)
Computer Science (BS)
Curriculum and Instruction (EDD)
Curriculum and Instruction (MED)
Drama (BA)
Economics (BA)
Educational Psychology (MED)
Educ-Elementary Education(PGMT
Educ-Social Studies Ed (MT)
Educ-Special Education (MT)
Electrical Engineering (BS)
Engineering Science (BS)
English (BA)
English (MA)
English (PhD)
English-Medieval & Renaiss(BA)
English-Modern Studies (BA)
Environmental Sciences (BS)
Environmental Sciences (PhD)
Foreign Affairs (BA)
Foreign Affairs (PhD)
French (BA)
French (PhD)
German (BA)
Government (BA)
Government-Foreign Affairs(BA)
History (BA)
History (PhD)
History of Art & Arch (MA)
History of Art & Arch (PhD)
History of Art (MA)
INTER-American Studies (BA)
INTER-Archaeology (BA)
INTER-Chinese Lang & Lit (BA)
INTER-Cognitive Science (BA)
INTER-Computer Science (BA)
Interdisciplinary Studies(BIS)
INTER-East Asian Studies (BA)
INTER-Echols Scholar (BA)
INTER-Environ Tht & Pract (BA)
INTER-German Studies (BA)
INTER-Global Development (BA)
INTER-Human Biology (BA)
INTER-Interdisciplinary (BA)
INTER-Japanese Lang & Lit (BA)
INTER-Linguistics (BA)
INTER-Media Studies (BA)
INTER-Middle Eastern Studies
INTER-Polit Phil Policy & Law
INTER-Political&Social Thought
INTER-Statistics (BA)
INTER-Studies Women & Gender
Italian (BA)
Kinesiology (BSED)
Landscape Architecture (MLAR)
Law (JD)
Law (LLM)
Mathematics (BA)
Mathematics-Financial (BA)
Mathematics-Graduate Prep (BA)
Mechanical Engineering (BS)
Medicine (MD)
Medicine (MD)
Middle East & S. Asian Studies
Music (BA)
Nursing (BSN)
Nursing (MSN)
Nursing (PhD)
Nursing Practice (DNP)
Philosophy (BA)
Physics (BA)
Psychology (BA)
Public Health (MPH)
Public Policy (MPP)
Religious Studies (BA)
Religious Studies (PhD)
Slavic (BA)
Slavic-Russian & E Europe (BA)
Sociology (BA)
Spanish (BA)
Spanish (MA)
Spanish (PhD)
Speech Path & Audiology (BSED)
Systems Engineering (BS)
Systems Engineering (PhD)
Urban & Environ Planning(BUEP)
Urban & Environ Planning(MUEP)

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UVA International Mapping application by Eric Field, Alex Kaplan; Insight Lab, UVA School of Architecture