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7/22: In Cambodia, Students Learn They Don’t Have All the Answers

Three global development studies students recently got back from a trip around Cambodia to work with an NGO that promotes farmer-led innovation in rural areas of Cambodia.

7/15: Mellon Grant Supports Major New Global South Initiative at U.Va.

The multi-million dollar grant will help the College reimagine its undergraduate curriculum and draw new linkages in the humanities that defy national boundaries.

5/28: ‘What Are You Going To Do With That?’ Global Studies Majors Find Job Success

The director of the program says jobs are plentiful and students should be guided by their passions, not job jitters.

4/30: U.Va. Unites to Support Nepal With Fundraising, Weekend Vigil

The University community will gather for a weekend fundraiser and candlelight vigil to raise money for relief efforts and support Nepalese students after Saturday’s earthquake.

4/28: Class of 2015: Unlikely ’Hoo is Graduating, but Has No Plans to Leave U.Va. Family

He wasn’t a fan at first, but the gregarious Rafat Khan quickly realized U.Va. “was the perfect match” for him and found a passion for public speaking by connecting with parents, students and alumni.

3/24: New Event Helps Va. Students Use Lessons Learned While Studying Abroad

The University of Virginia hosted Virginia’s first Lessons From Abroad conference, aiming to help students who have studied abroad process their experiences and incorporate them into their educational and career plans.

3/3: U.Va. in China: Officials to Celebrate Grand Opening of Shanghai Office

A high-level delegation is in Shanghai to celebrate the grand opening.

2/27: Austrian Ambassador: ‘We Will Probably Have to Get Used to Longer Periods of Crisis’

Hans Peter Manz discussed trade and international conflict during an appearance Thursday at the University of Virginia.

2/24: U.Va. Wins Prestigious Award for Campus Internationalization

NAFSA: Association of International Educators has given U.Va. the 2015 Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization for expanding global learning for students and scholars.


12/9: South Korean Sojourn Offers Engineers a Valuable Internship Experience

A group of U.Va. students spent last summer as the only Americans interning for Samsung in South Korea, thanks to the new U.Va. Global Internship Program. Grant applications for next summer’s programs are due in spring.

11/13: Passport Service Offered Next Week at U.Va. as Part of International Education Week

On Tuesday and Wednesday, students, faculty and staff can apply for or renew their passports in the Newcomb Hall Ballroom, saving a trek to the post office.

11/3: U.Va. Student Earns Phi Beta Kappa Fellowship in French Language and Literature

Elizabeth Leet, who is pursuing a bi-national doctorate in French at both U.Va and a French university, has been awarded a fellowship to fund her research in feminist theory and interspecies communication as seen through the lens of medieval women in equestrianism.

10/30: U.Va. Architecture Professor Shares Memories of Berlin Wall’s Fall

Karen Van Lengen arrived in Berlin for a design competition one week after the Berlin Wall fell, and visited frequently over the next months. Her vantage point, artifacts and memories offer a unique perspective on the aftermath.

10/24: Berlin Wall Symposium to Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Historic Fall Nov. 3-9

Lectures, panel discussions, theatrical and dance performances, art projects, film screenings and photography exhibits are among the events planned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall during the first week of November.

10/23: Former Diplomat: Fighting Climate Change Requires More Than Just Policy

Fighting climate change will require governments working in concert with other major stakeholders such as banks, investors and companies, said Carlos Pascual.

10/22: Media Advisory: International Experts Gather at U.Va. to Respond to ISIS Violence Against Women and Girls

Following expert commentary, breakout sessions will consider several responses to the crisis, from the role of the U.S. government to health and psycho-social victim support and economic empowerment to affected women and girls.

10/20: U.Va. Center Offers New International Research Opportunity for Minority Students

Successful applicants, including six undergraduate and two graduate students, will work with University partners to improve rural health conditions in South Africa, Uganda and St. Kitts and Nevis.

9/5: Global Food Trade May Not Meet All Future Demand, U.Va. Study Indicates

A U.Va. study that examined global food security finds that future trade may not be so secure for some countries.

8/27: China Odyssey: Student Spends Summer Exploring Taiwan-Mainland Relations

U.Va. student Russell Bogue reflects upon spending the summer between his second and third years in Taipei, Taiwan, surveying the political views of university students, the island nation’s future leaders.

8/19: U.Va. Center for Politics to Host Russian Ambassador at Public Event

Russia’s ambassador to the United States will discuss the countries’ strained relations at U.Va. on Aug. 26. The event is free and open to the public.

8/15: New U.Va. Global Studies Major to Deepen the Student Experience

U.Va. is unveiling a new Global Studies major this fall that offers several tracks, including “security and justice” and “environments and sustainability.”

8/8: Students Talk Interning Abroad Through U.Va. Global

Students who participated in U.Va,’s new Global Internship Program discuss living, working and fasting for Ramadan during their intern abroad experience in Morocco.

8/7: U.Va.-Hosted Young African Leaders Cap Fellowship by Meeting with Obama

From the Grounds of the University of Virginia to an exclusive town hall session with President Obama, the first members of a fellowship for young African leaders learned civic leadership from the pros.

7/30: Grad Student Rigs Cheap Alternative to Rival $1,000 Air Purifiers in Smog-Choked China

Clean air is hard to come by in China. Graduate psychology student Thomas Talhelm, already published in the journal Science for groundbreaking research, has created an inexpensive rival to $1,000 air purifiers, getting clean air to people who were previously priced out of the market.

7/1: U.Va. Students, Alumni Earn Scholarships to Immerse Themselves in Languages

It’s a complex world, and the State Department has a need for fluent speakers of many languages ¬– so much so that Uncle Sam foots the bill for top students to travel overseas and learn from native speakers.









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