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UVA NewsMakers is a public service program that features talks by notable speakers and scholars who are either on the faculty or visiting the University of Virginia. For information on viewing archived video, click here. Questions or comments: (434) 924-7550 or
    • Ackerman, Jennifer "Understanding Heredity: Chance in the House of Fate"
     Alan, Nawraz "Children of War II"
    • Allende, Isabel An Evening with Isabel Allende
    • Arnold, Robert M.D. "Physician Emotional Reaction to Patient Death: Impact on Patient Care"
    • Aung San, Suu Kyi "The U.N. Declaration of Human Rights and Its Impact
on Asian Values and Democratic Principles"
    • Ayers, Edward L. "In the Presence of Mine Enemies"
    Baker, James A. III "Making History: A View From Inside the White House"
     Baltimore, David "Science and Society: The Role of the Research University"
    • Baltz, Vivian "Reflections of a Parent"
    • Baraka, Amiri "Democracy, War and the Responsibility of Intellectuals in a Bushwacked America"
     Bayer, Ron Ph.D. AIDS Doctors: Looking Backward, Confronting the Future
    Bateson, Mary Catherine "Composing Community in a Diverse, Changing World"
     Batson, Dustin "Children of War II"
    • Beatley, Timothy "Healthy Cities, Healthy Lives–The Built Environment and Public Health"
    • Beattie, Ann "Through the Kaleidoscope: Multiple Views in Fiction and Painting"
    • Beckham, Edgar F. "Charting Diversity: Where Are We Now? Self-Assessment and Strategic Change"
    • Bednar, Michael "L'Enfant's Legacy"
    Bell, Griffin "The History of the Executive Order"
     Bennett, William J. From "The National Symposium on Character in Politics"
    Berger, Samuel R. "Foreign Policy for a Global Age"
     Berkeley, Alfred R 2000 Commencement Address
    Birch, Elizabeth Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Peoples' Rights
    • Bland, Robert "Success is a Journey, Life is a Choice"
    • Bond, Julian

"What We Did: Young Leadership in the 1960s"
A Conversation: Dr. Dorothy Height and Julian Bond, from the "Explorations in Black Leadership" Series

    • Bond, Julian A Conversation: Carol Moseley Braun and Julian Bond, from the "Explorations in Black Leadership" Series
    • Bond, Julian A Conversation: Mayor Anthony A. Williams and Julian Bond, from the "Explorations in Black Leadership" Series
    • Branham, Chief Kenneth "Writing Collaborative History: U.Va. and the Monacan Indian Nation"
   • Braun, Carol Moseley A Conversation with Julian Bond from the "Explorations in Black Leadership" Series
    • Braun, Herbert "Tico" "Our Guerillas, Our Sidewalks: A Journey into the Violence of Colombia"
    Brennan, Denise "Beyond the Hype: Trafficked Persons to the U.S. Rebuild Their Lives"
    Bridgeland, John M. "The Silent Epidemic: Perspectives of High School Dropouts"
    • Brinson, Rev. Dr. Albert Paul Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration (2006)
    Brown, Elaine Keynote Speaker: Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Commemoration, UVA
    Brzezinski, Zbigniew "After NATO Enlargement: What Next?"
    • Buford Hitz, Mary "Never Ask Permission"
    • Bush, Barbara Youth Leadership Initiative
    • Campbell, Jacquelyn Ph.D. "To Have and To Hit? Understanding and Preventing Domestic Violence"
    Caplan, Arthur L. Ph.D. Ethics of Genetic Testing from keynote address, Second National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference
    Caplin, Mortimer 2003 University of Virginia Commencement Address
    • Casteen, John T. III State of the University Address (2000)
    Cerf, Vinton G. "The Internet Tidal Wave"
    • Chambers, Julius L. "Where Are We?: Education and Desegregation"
    • Chege, Wambui Jackie "The Watoto Village: Nairobo Street Children"
    • Childress, James F. Ph.D. "Who Owns Human Tissue?"
    • Childs, Ted From the "Explorations in Black Leadership" series
    • Cirincione, Joseph "Deadly Arsenals: How Did Things Get So Bad?"
    • Cobban, Helena "Israel and Palestine: The Continuing Crisis"
    • Cobell, Elouise C. "Native American Nation Building: Empowerment and Asset Development in Poor Communities"
    • Cohen, Lizabeth "A Consumers' Republic: The Politics of Mass Consumption in Postwar America"

     Colby, William H., Ph.D.

"The Legacy of Nancy Cruzan"
    • Collins, Francis M.D., Ph.D. 2001 Commencement Address, University of Virginia
    • Collins, Francis M.D., Ph.D. "Consequences of the Human Genome Project for Medicine and Society"

     Cook, Philip J.  

"Evidence-Based Gun Policy"
     Cornell, Dewey D.   "Student Threats of Violence "
    Cowart, Dax J.D. "Dax's Story: A Severely Burned Man's Thirty-Year Odyssey"
    • Crowe, William J. Jr. "National Security and the George W. Bush Administration"
    (The) Dalai Lama, His Holiness "The Need for Compassion in Society: The Case of Tibet"
    Dietz, William M.D., Ph.D. "A Public Health Approach to Childhood Obesity"
    DiIulio, John J. "The Silent Epidemic: Perspectives of High School Dropouts"
    • Duke, Paul Press Coverage of the 2000 Presidential Election
    • Duncan Mayes, Bernard "Escaping God's Closet: The Revelations of a Queer Priest"
    Edmundson, Mark "Teacher: The One Who Made a Difference"
    • Ehrenreich, Barbara "Homeless and Poor in America: Implications for Health and Health Care"
    • Elzinga, Kenneth G. "The Economist as Sleuth and the Economist as Novelist"
    • Ericsson-Jackson, Aprille Ph.D. "The Importance of Minorities and Females in the Fields of Mathematics, Science and Engineering"
    • Ewald, Paul "Future Plagues: Evaluating and Responding to Natural and Man-Made Epidemics"
    Fahmy, Nabil His Excellency "The Middle East in the 21st Century: Challenges of Peace and Globalization"
    • Fain, W. Taylor III "Toll-Gates and Barbicans of Empire: The United States, Great Britain and the Persian Gulf Region in the 20th Century"
    • Fairstein, Linda "Rape and Prosecution"
     Farmer, Paul "Hunger in Our World"
     Farmer, Paul "Reinvigorating the Struggle: A Clinical and Social Justice Persoective on International Health"  
     Federman, Russ "Difficult Dilemmas: Depression and Suicide Among University Students"  
     Ferraro, Geraldine A. Keynote Speaker: 2006 National Symposium on Women and Politics
    • Finals Weekend 2006 Special Featuring Graduation Speaker, Governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine and Valediction Speaker, Tom Wolfe
    • Flake, Floyd Rev. Dr. "Shifting Paradigms, Changing Perceptions and New Perspectives"
    • Fletcher, Bill Jr. "Class, Race, Politics, and the Future of the Labor Movement"
    • Fletcher, Suzanne M.D. "Breast Cancer Screening: Prevention is More Complicated Than We Thought"
    • Foster, Eugene Dr. "The Intersection of Science and History: DNA and the Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings Story"
    • Foster, Badi "Legacies for Successor Generations: Thomas Jefferson and Ralph Bunche"
    • Frances Berry, Mary "Race, Gender and the New Political Landscape"
    Frank, Thomas "What's the Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America"
    Franklin, Dr. Robert "Tough Love: How Religion Enriches and Complicates American Public Life"
    Fry, Virginia L. M.S. "Children and Grief: Coping, Creating and Being Comforted"
    • Futrell, Mary "Teachers and Politics: A Strategy for Modern Education"
    Gardner, Michael R. "Harry Truman and Civil Rights: Moral Courage and Political Risks"
    • Gayle, Helene M.D. "HIV/AIDS: Discrimination, Stigma and Shame"
    • Gear, Daniel Red Elk "Writing Collaborative History: U.Va. and the Monacan Indian Nation"
    Geolot, Denise H. UVa's 2005 Distinguished Alumna
    Gergen, David R. "Eyewitness to Power"
    Gies, David "The Cambridge Companion to Modern Spanish Culture"
    • Giovanni, Nikki "Okra Leaves: Looking at the Future Through the Past"
    • Girard, René "Religion, Justice and Violence"
    • Goldin, Daniel S. "A Vision of Space"
    Graham, David E. "The Treatment and Interrogation of Prisoners of War and Security Detainees: Current Issues"
    Graves, Earl G. From the "Explorations in Black Leadership" series
    Graybill, Lyn "South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission:
A Model for Other Divided Societies"
    • Hall, Donald A Poetry Reading
    • Hall, Donald "Without – Writing Love, Death, and Grief"
    • Harris, Corey "Blues Biology"
    Hart, Howard "Can Today's CIA Conduct Tomorrow's Espionage?"
    • Harvey, William B. "Issues of Race at Predominantly White Institutions"
    • Hays, Sharon "Flat Broke with Children: Women in the Age of Welfare Reform"
    • Height, Dorothy Dr. A Conversation with Julian Bond from the "Explorations in Black Leadership" Series
    • Heilman, James M. "Report from the Ukraine: Was the Presidential Election Fair?"
    Hooks, Rev. Benjamin L. "Where Do We Go From Here?"
    Holden, Matthew "Energy Policy and Politics"
    • Hopper, Kim "Homeless and Poor in America: Implications for Health and Health Care"
    • Howard, A. E. Dick "The Changing Face of the Supreme Court"
    • Hunter, James D. "Exploring Global Fundamentalism"
    Hurt, Hallam M.D. "The Sojourn of the Inner City Child"
    • Ijaz, Mansoor "Transnational Terrorism: Can We Be Safe Again?"
    • Ivey, Bill "The Fate of the Arts"
    Jackson Gray Adams, Victoria "Learning the Language of Peace: The Spiritual Vision of the Civil Rights Movement and Its Promise for the Present Age"
    • Jamison, Kay Ph.D. "An Unquiet Mind: Personal Reflections on Manic-Depressive Illness"
    • Johnson, Henry L. "Preparing America's Future"
    • Jones, Elaine R. "Living a Life of Challenge"
    Jones, Elaine R. Public Service Law
    • Jordan, Vernon From "Explorations in Black Leadership" series
    • Jordan Irvine, Jacqueline "The Black-White Test Score Gap: What We Know and What We Can Do "
    Kabat-Zinn, Jon Ph.D. "The Healing Power of Mindfulness: Living Your Life as if it Really Matters"
   Kaine, Tim Finals Weekend 2006 Special, Graduation Speaker
    Kegley, Lindsay Moran "Women in the CIA: Problems and Prospects"
    Kennedy, Sen. Edward M. "Public Service, the Constitution, and the Law"
    Kesey, Ken In connection with U.Va.'s online exhibit, "The Psychedelic '60s: Literary Traditions and Social Change"
    • Kirwan, William E. "Diversity in Higher Education: Why it Matters"
    Klein, Joe "A Natural President:  The Presidency of Bill Clinton"
    Lane, Ann "Sex and the Professors"
    Lanier, Shannon "Jefferson’s Children in Black and White"
    • Larson, Kate Clifford "Bound for the Promised Land: Harriet Tubman, Portrait of an American Hero "
    • Layne, Linda "Prepared Pregnancy Loss–A Call for a New Standard of Care"
    Lazarevic, Manja "Children of War"
    • Lears, T. J. Jackson "The Radicalism of Tradition: Teaching the Liberal Arts in a Managerial Age"
    • Lengel, Edward G. "General George Washington: A Military Life"
    Lerner, Barron M.D., Ph.D. "Fighting the War on Breast Cancer in the 20th Century: From the Radical Mastectomy to Genetic Testing"
    • Lott, Eric "Blackface Minstrelsy: Past and Present"
    • Lynch, Thomas "Bearing our Burdens Honorably–Hospice and Humanity"
    Maraniss, David "The Clinton Legacy: Reality and Illusions"
    • Marsh, Sen. Henry L. III Leadership Challenges in Civil Rights Law
    • Mayes, Bernard Duncan "Escaping God's Closet: The Revelations of a Queer Priest"
    • McAleese, Mary Keynote Address "Re-Imagining Ireland" Conference
    • McCarthy Eugene J. "No Fault Politics"
    McGovern, George "Fighting World Hunger"
    Menchú Tum, Rigoberta "The Role of Indigenous People in a Democratic Guatemala"
    • Mettler, Suzanne "Soldiers to Citizens: The GI Bill and the Making of the Greatest Generation"
     Milani, Farzaneh "Imagining Cultural Unity: Muslim Cultural Diversity in North America"
    Miller, Judith "Germs: Biological Weapons and American’s Secret War"
    • Miller, Paul Steven "Is There are Pink Slip in Your Genes? Genetic Discrimination in the Workplace"
    • Miller, William Lee "Lincoln's Virtues: An Ethical Biography"
    Misener, Paul "Internet Public Policy: Finally Getting Beyond the Metaphors"
    Moreno, Jonathan D., Ph.D. "Is There an Ethicist in the House? On the Cutting Edge of Bioethics"
    Morrish, William "The Next New Orleans?"
    • Moseley Braun, Carol A Conversation with Julian Bond from the "Explorations in Black Leadership" Series
    • Muller, Bobby "The Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation and the
International Campaign to Ban Landmines"
    • Murad, Ferid "Before and After the Nobel Prize"
    Narayan, Deepa Ph.D. "Voices of the Poor: A Call to Action"
    • Naftali, Timothy "Conversations with Fidel: Marking the 40th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis in Havana"
    Navarro, Adrianna "Children of War II"
    Newsom, David "The Imperial Mantle: The United States, Decolonization and the Third World"
     Niebuhr, Gustav  "The Crisis in the Roman Catholic Church"
     Oberdorfer, Don  "The Korean Peninsula: Where Do We Go From Here?"
     Obiozor, George A. "The U.S. and Nigeria: A Complex but Vital Relationship "
    • O'Connell, John Ph.D. "On the Nature and Conduct of Technical Research"
    • Oh, Angela E. "Shaping the Entering Class: Determining Merit for Admission"
    • Okrent, Inez "Difficult Dilemmas: Depression and Suicide Among University Students"
    • Olds, Sharon Poetry Reading and Discussion
    • Olsen, Gregory H. "Space Exploration - A Dream Come True"
    • O'Leary, John "Prospects for Free Trade"
    • Osheim, Duane J. "Identifying Disease in the Past: Chroniclers and the Black Death"
    • Parker, Barbara "Adult Perspectives on Childhood Experience with Domestic Violence"
    • Patashnik, Eric "Social Security and Medicare in the New Era of Budget Deficits"
    Perry, Barbara A. "Jacqueline Kennedy: First Lady of the New Frontier"
    • Perry, Lincoln "Through the Kaleidoscope: Multiple Views in Fiction and Painting"
    • Pianta, Robert C. "Kids & Teachers: What Makes for Success of School? "
    Pinn, Vivian W. 2005 Commencement Address and Ceremony Highlights
    Pope, William P. "How Secure is the Homeland?"
    • Power, Samantha "A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide"
    Prejean, Helen Sister "Dead Man Walking — The Journey"
    Price, David A. "Love and Hate in Jamestown"
      Quandt, William "Taking Stock in the Middle East: Six Months After the Fall of Baghdad"
    Rabe, Barry G. "Statehouse and Greenhouse: The Emerging Politics of American Climate Change Policy "
    Ramos-Horta, José "Democracy and Diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific Region"
    • Raspberry, William A Conversation with Julian Bond from the "Explorations in Black Leadership" Series
    • Rein, Michael "Will You Vaccinate Your Children Against Cancer?"
    • Reno, Janet International Criminal Law
    • Reuben, Julie From "Colloquium 2000: What’s the University For? – The University and Its Discontents"
    • Rhoads, Steven E. "Taking Sex Differences Seriously"
    • Rimel, Rebecca "Jefferson's Legacy: A Call to Civic Responsibility"
    Rivlin, Alice "Challenges to Capitalism: The Role of Government”
    • Robinson, Leonard H. "Diplomacy and the Resolution of Civil Wars in Africa Liberia as a Case Study ”
    Robinson, Mildred W. "Bitter Fruits of Bondage: the Demise of Slavery and the Collapse of the Confederacy"
    • Rosenberg, Jonathan "Kennedy, Johnson and the Quest for Justice"
    • Ross, Dennis "Waging War on Terror and Pursuing Middle East Peace"
    Sánchez, Oscar Arias "International Code of Conduct for Arms Transfers"
    • Sabato, Larry "Overtime: The Election 2000 Thriller"
    • Sacks, David "Letter Perfect: The Marvelous History of our Alphabet From A to Z"
    Sarnecky, Mary T. "Army Nurses in Combat Boots: The Evolution of the Deployment Experience"
    Satel, Sally M.D. "How Political Correctness is Corrupting Medicine"
    Schatzkin, Arthur M.D. "Can Dietary Change Prevent Colorectal Cancer – Or Not?"
    • Scheld, Michael M.D. "No Heart of Darkness: Uganda and Response to AIDS"
    • Schneider, Cynthia "Explaining America: Ideas and Icons from Thomas Jefferson to Walt Disney"
    Schwartz, Herman "Trade and Economic Development: A Long Term Perspective"
    Scowcroft, General Brent "American Foreign Policy: Past and Present"
    Seale, Bobby "History and Impacts of the Black Panther Party"
    Sekou, Rev. Osagyefo "American Sins, Urban Solutions: Understanding the Politics of Hip Hop"
    Shapiro, Alan "Song and Dance: Poems"
    • Shapiro, Harold Ph.D. "Public Bioethics: The Case of Stem-Cell Research"
    Shugart, H.H., Jr. Ph.D. "How the Earthquake Bird Got its Name and Other Tales of an Unbalanced Nature"
    • Shulman, Holly "The Encyclopedia of Eleanor Roosevelt"
    Sorensen, Gillian "A New United Nations for the 21st Century"
    Spiro (Wagner), Pamela & Carolyn S. "Divided Minds: Twin Sisters' Journey Through Schizophrenia"
    • Starke Harper, Mary "Human Experimentation: From Tuskegee 1932 to Today"
    Stepp, Laura Sessions "Our Last Best Shot: Guiding Children Through Early Adolescence"
    • Steeves, Richard "Adult Perspectives on Childhood Experience with Domestic Violence"
    Stevenson, Ian M.D. "Children Who Claim to Remember Previous Lives"
    Stokes, John A. "Davis v. Prince Edward County, Farmville, Va."
    Stoler, Mark "Will You Vaccinate Your Children Against Cancer?"
    • Stone, John M.D. "Patients as Teachers"
    • Suskind, Ron "Faith, Certainty and the Presidency of George W. Bush"
    • Thomson, J. Anderson M.D. "When the Slaughter Ceases: Understanding and Assisting"
    Tibbits, Gretchen M. "Mentoring and Generation X: Women in the Workplace"
    Tutu, Desmond Archbishop "Reconciliation in Post-Apartheid South Africa:
Experiences of the Truth Commission"
    Upton, Dell "The Next New Orleans?"
    U.Va. Panel Discussion "American Responds to Terrorism"
     Usanovic, Sanja "Children of War II"
    Volkan, Vamik "Bloodlines: From Ethnic Pride to Ethnic Terrorism"
    • Wailoo, Keith A. Ph.D. "Dying in the City of the Blues: Sickle Cell Disease and the Politics of Health Care in the South"
    Walesa, Lech "Poland - Past, Present and Future"
    Warner, Governor Mark 2002 Commencement Address, University of Virginia
    West, Cornel Ph.D. "Race Matters"
    • West, W. Richard "Native America in the 21st Century: Out of the Mist and Beyond Myth"
    • Wilkins, Roger "Leadership in Journalism: An Historical Perspective"
"Race and Privilege and Consequences for Health"
    • Williams, Anthony A. A Conversation with Julian Bond from the "Explorations in Black Leadership" Series
    • Williams, Armstrong A Conversation with Julian Bond from the "Explorations in Black Leadership" Series
    • Williams, Betty "Children's Rights: The Need to Establish Safe Havens for Children of War"
    Williams, Jody "International Organization in the International Campaign to Ban Landmines"
     Williams, Mark "Aging Well Into the 21st Century"
     Wilson, Joseph "A Conversation Between a Military Strategist and a U.S. Ambassador on Post-War Developments in Iraq"
     Wolfe, Tom Finals Weekend 2006 Special, Valediction Speaker
    • Wood, Karenne "Writing Collaborative History: U.Va. and the Monacan Indian Nation"
    • Wulf, William "Engineering Education in 21st Century"
    Yellin, Emily "Not Your Father's War Stories"
    Zelikow, Philip D. Ph.D. "The Road to 9-11"
    Zelikow, Philip D. Ph.D. "The Road From 9-11"
    Zelikow, Philip D. Ph.D. National Commission on Federal Election Reform Report
    Zimmerman, Jonathan "The Other Massive Resistance: School Prayer and the Conservative Revolution, 1962-1984"


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