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PRINT THIS PAGE so that you may follow provided instructions and helpful hints during software download and setup. After you have set up your web browser with the plug-in listed below, please verify its operation by clicking on the sample video link. If the sample video performs you should be able to view your desired video webcast or archived program. READ ON.
Some video players come as plug-ins attached to your web browser. MacIntosh computers typically have QuickTime and PCs typically have Windows Media and RealPlayer attached to their web browsers. For the UVA NewsMakers Series, you will need REALPLAYER 8 BASIC. Once installed, the viewer will appear as a separate screen, similar to a small television, that will play the broadcast and allow you to continue to use your web browser if you wish. FOR MAXIMUM BROADCAST QUALITY, AVOID HAVING MULTIPLE SOFTWARE PROGRAMS IN USE WHILE VIEWING.
1) To view a live or archived video stream on your computer you can download viewer software called RealPlayer 8 Basic. This product is available as a free trial download from this site: REALPLAYER 8 BASIC. A preview of the site and the link location are to the right. NOTE: You only need to download the free, trial version -- REALPLAYER 8 BASIC to view this special event via the web.

2) After arriving at the REALPLAYER 8 BASIC web site and in order to download RealPlayer 8 Basic (which has replaced RealPlayer G2 and, more recently, RealPlayer 7 Basic), you will first answer a few questions about your computer hardware and setup. Here are the most likely questions with some discussion in brackets to assist you in properly downloading RealPlayer 8 Basic:
  1. What is your email address?
    [Enter email address. Indicate, via a check box found lower on that web page, if desired, that you do or do not wish to receive product announcements.]
  2. In what country do you live?
    [Select United States or another country depending on your location.]
  3. What type of operating system (OS) does your computer use?
    [MACs (MacIntosh) have an "OS" system with a number indicating the version. PCs will run on any one of several Windows or other platforms including: Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT, Solaris, Linux, etc. Select your system type or the one closest in name and version number.]
  4. What language do you prefer?
    [Select a language depending on how you view the web normally.]
  5. What is the speed of your modem connection (if you are at home)? Or do you have a special DSL connection through your cable company, or other connection type?
    [Most computers in homes use either a 28.8K or 56K modem. Some users may have ISDN and DSL connections through wireless and cable companies. If you are viewing from a network or large system, for example, a business office or educational institution, you are likely using a LAN or T1 Connection. Check with your local technical support.]
NOTE: If you computer does not meet the provided choice of answers you can possibly download an older version of RealPlayer. However, with older versions and with modem speeds less than 56K, we cannot guarantee the best possible quality of connection, picture or sound. For best viewing, use at least a 56K modem where possible. Check the RealPlayer site for more information on older versions of this web video software.
3) After answering questions and downloading, you will need to locate RealPlayer 8 Basic on your computer harddrive and install it. Installation at this point only requires you to double-click on the installer and answer a few questions about how you use and connect to the Internet (your modem connection) and your computer's setup. The software installer will provide some of the answers about your computer's setup and you can go with these if they seem correct.
4) After the installation is complete, you will need to restart your computer, when it is convenient, before using the new software plug-in. Then, return to this page to test RealPlayer by viewing the sample video. If your player functions, you are ready to view your chosen webcast or archived video program. 
Please feel free to email: University Webmaster with questions regarding software download. If you experience problems viewing video you should contact your local Internet Service Provider or the vendor of the software you are using. See links above.
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