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Want to have your events featured on this site? Here's how to do it.

Record the Event
You can capture the audio (or video) of the event on your own using a digital recording device like an mp3 recorder or hire someone to capture the event for you. (See the resources links below)

If you choose to capture the audio yourself, download this audio tip sheet for suggestions on how to get the best audio quality.

Audio of the event should be saved in MP3 format. It is best to keep the file size as small as possible while maintaining acceptable sound quality. For most spoken word we suggest encoding the file as: mono, 44Khz, 16bit.

Take a Picture

You should also take a digital camera along and take a picture of your speaker(s). This photo can be used to draw attention to the event on this site. Please save two copies of your images as follows:

  1. 72dpi non-progressive jpeg 205 x 135 (to go along with audio stream)
  2. 72dpi (progressive or non-progressive) thumbnail image with the longest dimension not more than 70 pixels

Contact the for information on how to deliver these files to us for inclusion on this site.


Audacity - A great free audio editing program if you need to clean up your recordings. If you want to publish MP3 files with Audacity, you'll also need the LAME encoder.

AudioImage - Provides services for capturing events. Based in Richmond.

Audio Tip Sheet (word doc) - Good suggestions on how to capture clean audio of your event.

Charlottesville Podcasting Network - Provides services for capturing events. Based in Charlottesville.

Sample Release Form - Use this as a starting point for your own release form.

Wikipedia - Read about the history of podcasting and current trends on the Wikipedia.

What is a podcast?
You can think of a podcast like an audio version of a magazine subscription. You sign up for the service and then when new features are posted on this site, the files will automatically download to your computer and/or portable MP3 player.
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