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Air Pollution Destroys the Aroma of Flowers, Confuses Bees and Butterflies

6/5/09 - Several areas of the world are experiencing a decline in their flowers’ aromas. In this academic lecutre, José Fuentes, professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences, describes the impact of air pollutants such as power plants and automobiles in altering the scent trails provided by floral fragrances. He discusses how air pollution prevents bees and butterflies from finding their nectar and the consequences that follow.
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Clean Commerce: Opportunities and Innovation

10/18/08 - The United States market has opportunities for clean products, from renewable energy to benign materials. Andrea Larson, Associate Professor of Business Administration at the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration discusses trends driving change in business. This event is part of the More than the Score Lecture series sponsored by the Office of Engagement.
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Women in Leadership and Philanthropy at U.Va.

9/27/08 - The inaugural Women in Leadership Conference was held at the University of Virginia Sept. 26-27, 2008, featuring distinguished speakers and panels on contemporary topics in the worlds of business, public life, science and the arts. Speakers in this panel included Marcia Day Childress, Adom Getachew, Yoke San Reynolds and Karin Wittenborg. The panel was moderated by Suzan Garson.
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University of Virginia Community Briefing

9/23/08 - Approximately 250 people attended
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Was Ronald Reagan Right? Do Trees Cause Pollution?

6/6/08 - During the presidential election in 1980, candidate Ronald Reagan made news headlines by proclaiming that trees caused pollution. Though the comment was met with derision, there is strong evidence that plants can and do affect the chemistry of the atmosphere. Manuel Lerdau, professor of Environmental Sciences and Director of Blandy Farm, discusses how in this lecture to alumni during Reunions Weekend 2008.
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The Brundtland Report: How Far We've Come/What More We Need to Do

4/11/08 - Gro Harlem Brundtland, special envoy on climate change at the United Nations, former prime minister of Norway and a former director-general of the World Health Organization, addressed issues of sustainable development during her lecture when she received the 2008 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Architecture at the University of Virginia in April.
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Biological Threats to Food and Forests

4/10/08 - Professor Manuel Lerdau discussed the biological threats to the world's food supply and forests with an audience at Winchester's Old Town Center. Lerdau is the director of the Blandy Experimental Farm, the State Arboretum of Virginia, and he spoke about the extent of invasive species in Virginia and beyond.
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New York Environmental Justice Advocate Majora Carter Gives Annual Howland Lecture

3/14/08 - Majora Carter, founder and executive director of Sustainable South Bronx, a New York City organization dedicated to advancing the environmental and economic rebirth of the South Bronx, gave the University of Virginia's Benjamin C. Howland Jr. Memorial Lecture on Friday, March 14. The lecture, titled "Green the Ghetto: Why, How, and What Happens if We Don't," was hosted at 5 p.m. in Minor Hall.
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