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Fax: (434) 982-2817
Saferide: (434) 242-1122

2304 Ivy Road
P.O. Box 400214
Charlottesville, VA 22903-44790

Law Enforcement Accrediation

Safe Ride

10/29/2012 - Updated

Mission Statement: SafeRide’s purpose is to provide a safe passage for current students with vaild student IDs who would otherwise have to walk alone at night. The service began as a cooperative venture of Student Council and the University of Virginia Police Department in the late 1980s.

Hours of Operation

School Session Hours: Sunday thru Wednesday 12 midnight to 7 a.m. / Thursday thru Saturday 2:30 a.m. to 7 a.m.

Reading Days / J-Term: Monday thru Sunday 12 midnight to 7 a.m.

Library Van picks up every half hour at Alderman Library.

Summer Session Hours: Monday thru Sunday 12 midnight to 7 a.m.


Service Area: See Saferide Map.

Map Information

Bus Routes

Contact Info: (Contact SafeRide after midnight only) 434-242-1122

In addition, if you are unable to wait for a SafeRide van pickup, are not near a UTS bus route late at night, or otherwise feel unsafe, please remember that you may call Yellow Cab Charge-a-Ride at 434-295-4131 to travel by taxi. If you do not have the money to pay for the taxi at that point in time, you need only show a valid student ID to the Yellow Cab driver and sign the document they will provide to you. You will then be billed through your student account.

Complaints: All Service complaints should be forwarded to:

Dedicated Pick-Up: One SafeRide vehicle is devoted to pick up passengers near the Alderman/Clemons Library, when the library is in operation - Sunday through Thursday mornings.

Inclement Weather: SafeRide may discontinue its operation without advance notice, should highway conditions deteriorate and be judged unsafe by the driver or other law enforcement supervisor. Road conditions that could change the operations are Ice, Snow, Flooding, or other unforeseen natural hazards. During inclement weather, please visit the main UVA webpage to determine if SafeRide will be in operation during those times.

  • SafeRide does not transport to locations such as an airport, train station, bus terminal, shopping center, bars or restaurants. SafeRide is designed to transport individuals safely HOME!
  • SafeRide should not to be used as a Quasi-Taxi Service. Offenders will be requested to discontinue using the service and their names forwarded to the Dean of Student’s Office.
  • Riders may be refused or asked to leave the vehicle for belligerent, aggressive, or other unsafe behaviors or activities.
  • No smoking, drinking, or eating while traveling on SafeRide.
  • “Reservations” with SafeRide is prohibited.
  • SafeRide does not transport intoxicated individuals.
  • Should Infectious Materials be introduced into the compartment of the SafeRide vehicle, the vehicle is to be immediately taken Out of Service and cleaned to protect the driver and other passengers. The individual discovered introducing the contaminant may be required to clean the hazardous spill.
  • SafeRide does not provide transportation to individuals needing medical attention. EMS services are to be contacted via the Emergency Communications Center (i.e. 911).
  • Groups with three or more persons walking together are encouraged to consider other options to get around Grounds to allow more efficient and safer access to individuals who are not traveling about the community as a unit.

Employment Opportunity: Shotgun/Student Employees are “needed” for reasons involving safety, efficiency of operation, and recording of data for statistical purposes. For employment, students can contact the U.Va. Police.

Special Needs: SafeRide is not equipped to provide services to physically challenged individuals.

Acknowledgements: In 2003, the existing operating schedule was adopted by a committee that involved members of Student Council, Dean of Students, Parking and Transportation, Human Resources and Safety & Security.