Classified Staff Policies

Employee Relations Policies

  1. Access Privileges & Return of Property - Responsibility of Managers and Other UVA Officials
  2. Alcohol and Other Drugs
  3. Employee Suggestion Program Policy
  4. Exit Interview Policy and Procedure
  5. Grievance Procedure
  6. Inclement Weather Policy
  7. Layoff Policy
  8. Performance Planning and Evaluation
  9. Preventing and Addressing Discrimination and Harassment
  10. Preventing and Addressing Threats or Acts of Violence
  11. Regulation of Firearms, Weapons and Destructive Devices
  12. Severance Benefits
  13. Standards of Conduct
  14. Temporary Workforce Reduction
  15. Unemployment Compensation
  16. Work Breaks Policy
  17. Workplace Violence Policy (DHRM)