Faculty & Professional Research Staff Policies

Alphabetical List of Faculty Policies

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2013-14 Wage Authorization
2012-13 Wage Authorization

2011-12 Wage Authorization

2010-11 Wage Authorizaton


Academic Approval and Signatory Authority for Academic Program Agreements
Academic Faculty Roles and Responsibilities
Annual Performance Reviews
Appointment, Annual Evaluation and Reappointment of Academic Deans
Appointment of Unpaid Faculty
Appointment of Visiting Faculty and Scholars
Appointment Types and Titles
Appointments of Foreign Faculty and Researchers


Background Checks (Faculty)
Benefits While on Leave


Campaigning for and Serving in a Public Office
Chairholder Policy
Classified Research
Communicating with Government Officials
Computing Policies
Confidentiality of Student Information
Conflict of Interest
Consulting and Internal Overload
Coordination of Development Activities at the University of Virginia
Copying of Copyrighted Material
Copyright Policy
Criteria for Establishing Research-Only Courses


Determination and Assignation of Academic Credit
Disciplinary Suspension or Termination of Academic Faculty, Procedure for

Discrimination Complaint Procedures
Drug-Free Workplace


Emeritus Faculty
Employment Eligibility Verification (Completing Form I-9)

Employment (Professional Research Staff)
Employment of Non-Tenure Track Faculty
Equal Opportunity Policy
Establishing Academic Centers and Institutes
Evaluating Employee Fitness for Duty
Extending Offers of Employment to Faculty in Academic Areas 


Faculty and Honor System, Policy on
Faculty Background Checks
Faculty Exchanges
Faculty Leaves
Faculty Handbook
Faculty Holding Appointments at Other Institutions or Organizations
Faculty Resignation and Retirement Notice
Faculty Role in University Governance


Grading Practices
Graduate Teaching Assistants
Grievance Policy for Academic Faculty (tenured, tenure-track, and academic non-tenure-track faculty)
Grievance Procedure for Administrative Faculty
Guidelines for General Faculty Staffing due to Financial Stringency


Honor System and Faculty


Inclement Weather/Emergencies Policy


Leave (Faculty)
Leave for Professional Research Staff
Leave with Partial Pay


Merit Pay
Moving and Relocation Expenses (Reimbursement of)


Ownership Rights in Copyrightable Material


Part-time Employment of Retired Members of the Faculty
Patent Policy
Political Activity
Press and External Communications
Preventing and Addressing Discrimination and Harassment
Preventing and Addressing Retaliation
Professional Research Staff (Employment of)
Professors of Practice
Promotion and Tenure Policy


Recording of Classroom Lectures and Distribution of Course Materials by Students
Reimbursement of Moving and Relocation Expenses
Release of Information from Faculty Personnel Files
Religious Holidays
Research Policies & Procedures
Resignation and Retirement Notice (Faculty)


Scholarship/Fellowship Payments to Foreign Nationals
Solicitation of Grants and Contracts
Summer Employment and Appointments


Tenured Faculty Members Appointed to Administrative Positions


University-Related Travel
Use of the Rotunda
Use of the University's Federally Registered Trademark
Use of Working Time & University Equipment for Personal or Commercial Purposes
Use of University Resources


Work Stoppage by University Faculty
Working with Hazardous Euqipment or in Hazardous Environments