Policy Manager

The University Policy Manager:

  1. Coordinates the process for creating and revising policy;
  2. Assists in the drafting of policy;
  3. Catalogs the current policies;
  4. Manages University policy web pages and links to other pages on the University's web site;
  5. Maintains an archive of retired policies;
  6. Communicates new policy to the University community; and
  7. Develops a community of policy writers.

University Policy:

A University policy enables a faculty, staff or student to teach, do research, perform a job, or study within the framework prescribed by local, state, federal and University regulations.

Mission of the Policy Office:

  • Provide guidance and coordination in the policy process; and
  • Communicate new policy to the University community in a timely manner.

Want to be notified when a new policy is issued? Get on the Policy Listserve by emailing a request to the address below.

Lynn Mitchell, University Policy Manager
Office of the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
P.O. Box 400194
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4210
Tel: (434) 924-4037
Email: lmm2z@virginia.edu