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P.S. PUBLISHING is the name of our system that will enable you to have your required course material copied from the original document, kept on file in our Old Ivy Copy Center for future use or updating, and delivered to the University of Virginia Bookstore for purchase by students. Your copying budget won't feel a thing since the students will purchase the booklets directly from the Bookstore. Of course we will abide by restrictions set forth in the copyright laws and will not infringe on the University's policy to replace published works with photocopies (see U.Va. Financial Policy Manual, policies XV.F - XV.F.7., pages 15.6 -

All course pack materials are scanned and stored electronically so that reprints may be obtained quickly. If you have created original documentation on your computer for your course pack you can bring your work to us or send it through the University Network. To ensure the compatibility of your files with our production publisher please call 924-3785 in advance.

To take advantage of P.S. PUBLISHING, drop off (or have us pick up at no charge) the class material you wish to have copied at either our Bookstore Copy Center or Old Ivy Copy Center. Our staff will review the material and will handle all copyright approval requests that are required. We will help you decide how you wish to have your material finished (stapled, bound, etc.). The completed course packets will be delivered to the University of Virginia Bookstore for sale to your students.

The order will be copied at our current prices. To cover inventorying, storage and handling, the bookstore will add a slight mark-up to the copying charge, which will be included in the final price. However, since we do not charge for automatic collating and have a discount for duplex, the price passed on the students will still be less than they might pay from off-Grounds suppliers. We believe it is in the best interest of the University to provide our students with quality service at low prices and we believe we can make a contribution through P.S. PUBLISHING.

Copyright Approval Request Form (PDF)

Please call the Copy Division Manager at 924-7186 or e-mail: if you have any questions concerning P.S. PUBLISHING.


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