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Departmental Copier Management

The PCS Departmental Copier Management program supplies Copier/Multifunctional Devices to department of the University. If your department is in need of a Copier, Printer, Fax or a Multifunctional unit simply contact PCS and we will evaluate your needs and find the best fit for your department.

What you’ll get with PCS:

    Top of the line equipment
    All our copiers will be from the top manufactures in the market place today. All the equipment we are currently placing are Multifunctional with copying, printing, and scanning standard and an optional Fax feature is available. Every device is network-ready to provide the greatest benefit and ease of operation for your staff.

    Professional Service and Support
    With our large fleet of copiers we are able to negotiate some of the most comprehensive maintenance plans available, enabling PCS to provide top of the line service whether be a minor item such as our compressive inventory of toner and supplies or our contracts with TOP Factory Trained Service Agents.

    With our expansive fleet of copiers we are able to move, exchange, and add equipment as your needs change.

    Per Copy Pricing:
    You pay only for copies you make. All supplies, including standard white 20# paper, are included in your per-copy price.

    User Management
    Our PCS Copy Card System can supply department usage tracked by user or group of users if needed.



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