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The University of Virginia saves considerable postage by taking advantage of the various post office discount programs. These programs are feasible because we (the mailer) do the addressing, sorting and bar coding using methods, equipment and software certified by the post office.

Available Services
arrow Data Processing Combine multiple address files in a variety of formats into one address list
arrow Database processing and maintenance
arrow Postal address verification
arrow Postal address correction
arrow Change of address lookup (current address change cards at post office)
arrow Removal of duplicates by person, address, household or any other field
arrow Mailing lists are a valuable resource. Let us help you get the most out of your data. Our Post Office approved software creates properly formatted lists to achieve maximum cost savings! We can also update your lists if someone has moved.

Inkjet Capabilities
arrow Address directly onto most mail pieces
arrow Add messages in black, red or blue ink
arrow Print return addresses
arrow Print postal permit indicia information
arrow PCS can help you implement the most effective personalized mailing pieces. We can add names, address and other pertinent information to letters or other inserted mailing pieces.

Tabbing and Labeling Capabilities Machine apply labels
arrow Machine apply stamps (nonprofit, standard, first class presort, postcard and first class mail)
arrow Apply tabs to any designated location as well as tabs required for automation mailing
arrow Since the US Post Office has many regulations about personalized mail and nonprofit rates, we have become experts at maneuvering through the red tape, so that your mailing can make the biggest impact possible.

Inserting capabilities
arrow Machine insert up to 6 pieces into an envelope up to 6"high by 9" wide with a flap less that 2.25" wide
arrow Mail merge Create merged letters, pledge cards and flyers
arrow Machine insert and address merged documents

arrow Apply sheet labels to mail pieces
arrow Sort mail pieces by zip code or messenger mail address
arrow Hand insert any non machinable pieces

Pickup and delivery
arrow Pickup jobs from clients
arrow Deliver to post office, messenger mail and clients
arrow Prepare and send UPS (United Parcel Services) shipment

We can meet impossible deadlines, unravel the most convoluted mailing lists, and do the heavy lifting, the folding, the stuffing and sealing, that means no more paper cuts!

FREE CONSULTATION - We keep ourselves informed about the myriad of regulations promulgated by the Post Office so you don't have to.If you involve us in the design phase of your project we can help with many common pitfalls that prevent pieces from mailing at the most advantageous rates. We can prevent many mistakes and problems that occur when we see a finished piece. Of course, since this consultation will benefit the University and this department, we offer this service for free.

Contact Information

Andy Neilson

or call 924-7186


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