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After much coordination and many proof printings, Facilities Management now has a business card format that the Chief Facilities Officer has directed to be the 'master template' for all Facilities Management business cards. All new cards, as of February 15, 2002 must use the new template design shown below.

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These are printed using the color 'cool gray 11' on white stock with an 80% screen on both the Rotunda and the "University of Virginia", and a solid 100% on all other text, with the name in bold.

Business Card orders have a normal turnaround period of 10 working days.

This design is on file at UVA Printing & Copying Services and they have been instructed to ONLY fill orders for Facilities Management business cards which use this template (with the exception of the personal information such as title, address, phone, web, etc.)

Each Facilities Management department has at least one support person who will process orders for these new cards. All requests sent to UVA Printing & Copying Services are printed eight-up (eight cards per sheet) and must be grouped by Facilities Management support staff personnel and sent bundled at a minimum of six cards per order (250 cards each). For larger orders of 500 cards, they can be double printed to fill out a sheet of eight.

Within FP&C Elenora Irving and Jennifer Frinchaboy will coordinate new card orders. Other departments should contact their normal support staff personnel. Questions should be directed to Kenn McDermott at 2-4609 or



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