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There are four basic variations of the official UVA letterheads, envelopes and business cards. These are designed to accommodate a wide variety of personal preferences and price ranges, without sacrificing consistency of use throughout the University. Please do not ask for alterations to these standard templates. Before ordering, be sure to review the official University Stationery Content Guidelines. Below are styles of the business card, letterhead and envelopes that we print for University of Virginia departments and personnel.

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University of Virginia Stationery Content Guidelines

To create a consistent University-wide graphic identity, follow these content guidelines on all
stationery and business cards, as well as other printed materials.

  1. An Individual's name should be set in capital and lower case letters. Do not use all caps.
  2. When used after a name, a title abbreviation is set off by a comma. In addition, a title using more than two periods should eliminate the periods all together.

    For example: Jane Jones, Ph.D. / Sharon Smith, M.D. / Emory Edwards, DDS/ Marian Matthews, LCSW
    When using the notations Jr., Sr., or III following a person's name, do not precede by a comma.
    For example: Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. / Richard W. Jones III
    Do not repeat University of Virginia, the name Health System, or the name of your school or center in the address and telephone block of type.
  3. Make sure that the address and telephone block includes the following:
    • the new 434 area code
    • a six-digit PO Box number
    • a full zip code, including the four-digit extension
  4. Standard phone and e-mail designations are:
    • Phone:
    • Fax:
    • Cell:
    • Office:
    • Home:
    • E-mail:
    • Page:
    • TTY:
  5. There is no need to put anything in front of a web address.

    Rotunda Placement and color issues on stationery
  6. In the new logo design for stationery for the College of Arts and Sciences and University administration, the Rotunda is placed under the University of Virginia type and left of the department name. It should not be moved from this position.
  7. If you are ordering one-color stationery, the type will appear in solid black or blue, and the Rotunda in a screen. You may alternately request that the Rotunda be run in solid ink.
  8. If you are ordering Health System stationery, you may eliminate the larger screened Rotunda or specialty symbol only on the two-color, blue & orange version.

If you have further questions about these guidelines, contact:
Arts & Sciences / Ken Kipps / 434-243-8960
Health System / Reecye Modny / 434-924-0366
Web Communications / Nancy Tramontin / 434-924-4524
Marketing / Karen Torgersen / 434-924-7821
All others / Carol Wood / 434-924-6189

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