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Community Resources for Families

Child Development Center

Child development center, offers children unique, educational programs designed around their developmental levels and interests.

Malcolm Cole Childcare Center

Malcolm Cole Childcare Center, offers engaging and creative experiences and opportunities for children that are developmentally appropriate, and that encourage learning through play.

Family and Child Resource Topics

A list of resources for parents with children from newborn through 12th grade in the Charlottesville area.

U.Va. Activities for Kids

Explore the wide variety of programs and activities that are available for kids at U.Va., ranging from sports camps to writing workshops.

Resources for Pregnancy, Birth, and Infancy

Charlottesville is a great place to give birth to a child. The two local hospitals, the U.Va. Medical Center and Martha Jefferson Medical Center, both provide delivery services and offer various benefits. U.Va. is usually busier and it is a teaching hospital, so often your child will be delivered by a resident with an attending physician standing close by. Martha Jefferson is a traditional hospital and provides a more intimate birthing experience. U.Va. offers more emergency services if they are needed and has more resources for high-risk deliveries. U.Va. has separate delivery and recovery rooms, which some students have indicated was not the best experience. Whichever hospital you choose, both offer birthing classes and other prenatal and post-birth classes for parents and children.

Summer Camps

A list of summer camps offered in the Charlottesville area.

Albemarle Family Magazine

A publication for families in the Charlottesville-Albemarle area.

Parenting Network of Charlottesville

An online parents group, serves families with children of all ages in the greater Charlottesville area as a networking forum.