Survey Responses as of 9 a.m. Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We are posting reader responses to the survey on this page. Our comments are indicated following comments in boldface type.

Number of Responses: 175

Please identify what type of visitor you are:

  1. Student - 39%
  2. Faculty/Staff -43%
  3. Alumnus/Alumna - 12%
  4. Admitted Student - 1%
  5. Prospective Student - 0.5%
  6. Parent of U.Va. Student - 1.5%
  7. Parent of Prospective Student - 0.5%
  8. Other - 0.5%

How often do you visit the U.Va. Web Site?

  1. Daily - 86%
  2. Once a Week or Less - 12%
  3. Once a Month or Less - 1.5%
  4. First Visit - 0.5%

Does the flash rotation of the signature photo on the Home Page work for you?

  1. Yes -90%
  2. No -10%

What is your opinion of the rotating signature photos on the Home Page?

  1. Good idea.
  2. Looks good!
  3. Love it....more the better, especially relating to the time of year.  but please keep it 'exclusive' enough to show a tasteful representation of the beauty and prestige of our university.
  4. It's really great to see the rotating main pictures. However, it is very hard on the eye next to the rotating "week in photos" pictures. The Week in Photos pictures draw the attention away from the main pictures as well.
  5. It's too prominent, takes up too much attention, causes visitor to have a feeling that it'll be difficult to access the other links because of the distractions.
  6. Waste of bandwidth. The pictures on the left are not getting out of the way for the pull down menus in Firefox nor Firefox 3 on Windows Vista, with Adobe Flash Player 9. So most of the light blue banner that appears is obscured in those versions, making the navigation from the top bar useless. I think it's the recent flash player update that broke it.

What features, if any, do you like about the new, proposed Home Page design? (Select as many as you like).

  1. Improved look and feel, use of photography - 13%
  2. More efficient navigation and layout - 11%
  3. Expanded fly-out navigation options on the new Home Page - 10%
  4. Expanded week in photos on the home page - 8%
  5. Addition of the featured University Calendar events on the home page - 5%
  6. Dynamic A-Z search directly on the home page - 9%
  7. Expandable special interest feature sections on the home page - 4.5%
  8. Enhanced weather icon on the home page - 5%
  9. Text size increase option on the home page - 4.5%
  10. Expandable Featured Links - 5%
  11. Featured Event on the Home Page - 5%
  12. Schedule information directly on the home page - 6%
  13. New width - 9%
  14. CSS Layout - 5%

You can now customize the home page! In the new preference panel you can select your default module (Week in Photos, Today's Events, or Today's News), the default search (People, U.Va. Web, or Library), and wether the navigation flyouts open on mouseover or mouse click. Does the preference panel work for you??

  1. Yes - 100%
  2. No -0%

What is your prefered default module?

  1. Today's Events - 50%
  2. Today's News - 0%
  3. Week in Photos - 50%

The Operating Schedule is set to auto-refresh every three minutes so that any emergency notification we post will be shown without the user needing to refresh the page. Does the Operating Schedule appear for you or are you getting an error message?*

  1. Getting the Operation Schedule - 96%
  2. Getting the Error Message- 4%

* This feature will not work for users that have turned frames off.

What features, if any, do you like about the new, proposed customizable Special Interest Page design? (Select as many as you like).

  1. Drag and Drop Organization - 21%
  2. Optional Content - 19%
  3. Customizable Calendar - 20%
  4. RSS Feeds - 9%
  5. Quick Links - 13%
  6. Featured Content - 9%
  7. A-Z Web Site Index - 10%

Would it be beneficial for the Quicklinks selection to include all of the sites on the A-Z Web Site Index?

  1. Yes - 46%
  2. No - 50%
  3. Undecided - 4%

Do the flyouts work on the Home Page Yes or No?

  1. Yes - 90%
  2. No - 10%

Do you feel that the look and feel of the new proposed Home Page is representative of the University? Why or why not?

  1. Yes, very organized and sophisticated.
  2. Yes, because it looks sophisticated and well-planned, like one would expect from UVA.
  3. Yes, I like the focus of the Rotunda, with T.J. in the foreground.  The Idea that the whole Rotunda is not shown but instead only part of the front, makes it look more prominent.
  4. Yes, very much so.
  5. Yes. the features are modern and very sleek and shiny.
  6. Yes, it's more contemporary, cleaner and edgier yet reflects the U.Va. tradition. Much easier to navigate especially for non U.Va. users.
  7. Yes, it has a classic feel and has great integration of color and design.
  8. Absolutely.   Great, clean look.  Well packaged information choices.
  9. It's very clean and simplified.
  10. It's practical and functional and very easy to navigate through. I think it lacks a bit of character, however, but is much better than the previous websites. The few bits of character I did enjoy were a) Mr. Jefferson's signature ghosted over the rotating main photos and b) the featured events of the University.
  11. Yes although, it feels a little cold, with all of the gray and just the one picture of the Rotunda.
  12. Looks very good, although I didn't think there was anything wrong with the current homepage.
  13. Yes because it offers a feel of current technology while keeping with the tradition of the university.
  14. That is a great picture of the Rotunda on the Home Page.  However, I feel a variety of equally impressive photos could be used.  A new one could appear each time one logs onto the site or a slide show could be implemented. I find the one photo, though an excellent one, limits the impression of the University that visitors will have.  The University is SO much more than one picture can convey.
  15. It's modernizing the representation of the University.  Tradition is lost, but current is emphasized.  So it represents the University as it is, but not it's rich history.
  16. Yes. It is very professional and functional, yet it still has style.
  17. Yes, because it is efficient and provides you with a moments glance of everything the University offers.
  18. I think it's a lot slicker, cleaner, and more streamlined than the old site. It looks far more current and much more professional. It also gives you an appreciation for the enormous entity that the University is. Overall, I think it's great.
  19. Yes. The new design is sleek and technologically forward.
  20. Yes... in keeping with modernizing feel of the current times.
  21. It's close, but not all there.  I would prefer some background color on the site instead of just makes it seem kind of boring.  I understand not wanting "noise" in the background, but a blue would be nice.
  22. Yes, more interactive, cleaner design, features more of what UVA has to offer.
  23. Yes - it is a clean design and it is well organized.
  24. Yes, because it shows how many different facets of life and academics mesh together.  It also shows that we like to live on the cutting edge, by  making use of new and good design standards.
  25. I think it is clean, crisp, and classic. So, yes.
  26. Yes, finding departments is so much quicker.
  27. It needs more blue. I am a big fan of the 2004 version (maybe because it came out when I was entered UVA, but I think more blue would give it a more UVA feel.
  28. Yes.
  29. I like it.
  30. I think it needs a bit more color. It feels just a little cold to me. Comparing it to the existing page, I can't exactly identify the missing element, but there is something absent. Maybe throw in a bit more orange, a bit more light blue. Detailed, I know, but this new web site just seems too silvery, white, a bit boring.
  31. I like the two types of searches being close together, which is why I chose Design A.
  32. Yes, but it seems unfinished.  The previous site was more colorful (e.g. a variety of rotating photos, the bar in the middle with the "explore," "facts," "tour," and campaign features, etc.)  There seems to be too much white on the new page... almost like a matted picture with no frame.
  33. Yes, I think the design is very clean and classic, which is certainly representative of UVA.
  34. This is an excellent functional improvement, and all involved should be thanked and commended. The University logo should appear more clearly independent of the weather -- the logo should have more white space. The picture of the Rotunda is cropped such that it could be any of many thousands of similar buildings in America -- it is unique and identifiable when shown fully.
  35. Yes and I really enjoy "This Week in Photos" even if it does take up space on the page.
  36. Yes. I like the Rotunda with Thomas Jefferson's signature; it seems very appropriate.
  37. I understand that this may be the recommended photo of the Rotunda but I really like the current photo that shows more of the building than a small strip.
  38. I think so, in that it is more easily navigated by new users.
  39. Yes, it looks great. 
  40. Yes, but the load time needs to be improved. Also, when you use the search bar and start typing, it erases what you typed if you select a different category to search (U.Va. Web/People/Links). That's rather annoying. We have made changes to the Search function, and are offering two new versions where the search is on the page itself. We have also made it so that the search field stays populated (this means, however, that when you put your cursor in the search bar, you now need to manually remove Keyword/Name). (6/30/08)
  41. Yes and no. It's a little jarring to go from the new look to the pages of the individual schools and departments. There needs to be a content management system put in place for the entire school that can allow content to bubble up.
  42. No. The University of Virginia's first duty is to the students. I feel that none of these designs are designed with these students in mind. Students interact with the web site for a number of things. Webmail, ISIS, Toolkit, the COD, and Search. The original design fails to offer the vast majority of these on an immediately accessible basis. The second option, (picture only) comes close by having all of these features close to one another, but the search bar should be open, as in design 3. However, design 3 has the COD and ISIS all the way across and down the page from webmail and search. These should all be next to one another, for easy access by those who the University was built for, the students.
  43. I personally think you should not have to play "hide and seek" with web sites--so I don't like the sliding areas for showing "Featured Events" and "News"--those things are important so I should be able to see them without having to click. Also the most important things on a site should be near the top, so I hope the search box will go up there in the upper-right. My mouse is always closest to that area because of interacting with the browser toolbar and bookmarks, so its much more convenient than having to scroll down on the page to get to the search.
  44. If you think that UVA has insufficient contrast, then yes. The new web site seems even more monochromatic than the current version. As for the feel ...perhaps it's simply the photos chosen for this beta, but the new homepage does not look or feel student-centered.
  45. I think so. In this day and age the power of the internet must not be undermined, instead with each step it takes forward so should we.  As long as it does remain very to the point in navigation that is the best.  Technology with the lack of ease is key.
  46. Yes and no. Welcome to the present with the new width, but we're getting too complicated with too much information all right there. The flyouts at the top are annoying (if I want the section, I will click on it... hover opening is too much) - and there are just too many links there. I guess I'll get used to it, and it's definitely an improvement on the current design- a MAJOR improvement. I just think it's going to complicate things for those who aren't that familiar with U.Va.
  47. The overall look is good, but there are far too many links and sections crammed into the homepage.
  48. Yes, the fonts are better than the old home page, the page is brighter, and I like the picture of the Rotunda.
  49. Yes.
  50. Yes, I do- its a more modern and fashionable look and not as antiquated.
  51. It's still very busy and crowded. Long load time. Too many graphics. Thomas Jefferson's signature shows sort of, but fades out over the columns. Either it should show completely or not at all.
  52. [There is] too much silver, not a fan... not enough orange.
  53. [It is] state of the art/streamlined yet still incorporates the sense of tradition.
  54. Yes, it's much more modern and reflective of the university being up to date in internet trends and technology.
  55. Absolutely.  Very cutting edge and like nothing I've seen for peer institutions.
  56. Yes, the new web site definitely looks more distinctive and bolder.  The old one was far too boxy and bland.  The fact that the web site looks good and presents the University well (I like the rotunda image with the signature of Thomas Jefferson in the corner) adds a lot to what prospective students will feel about U.Va. when they first visit the web site.
  57. It is very attractive, though I do have a few comments about the look below.
  58. Neutral, not sure if it is better than the old, it just look different and should be ok since it needed some updates anyway.
  59. No. It looks too cartoonish and not historic enough. It does not properly convey the character of U.Va. It needs to be grounded with a central image rather than the distracting buttons.
  60. I like the cleaner graphic interface of the new home page.  I would look more closely at peer institutions, as well as aspirational peers, and compare designs.  Our page, in comparison to Cornell's homepage for instance, seems a bit cluttered.  We don't need to cram all information onto the front page - just the most pertinent and representative content.
  61. Yes, the increased prominence of the capital campaign advertisement should be effective in bringing in more money. It really stands out now, and boldly affirms that fundraising is a central function of the University. Why be understated?
  62. Yes, because it proves we are keeping up to date with the ever changing times.
  63. The crispness of the design it attractive. But it has an impersonal feel. The old page had a subtle shadow edge around the content, making it feel more enclosed and manageable. The new design runs into the white space on all four sides - which is kind of nerving. To reflect the real character of the university, there should be more pictures of students in groups - U.Va. students are incredibly social, and seeing pictures of students by themselves is uninspiring. Also, the web site could be more friendly with the addition of little icons (like those on the student resources box); with a little humor (e.g. gmail's "hooray, no spam here!"); or with more U.Va. specific vocabulary (grounds, Academical village, rotunda, first years, the corner, wahoos, hoos, cavs, names of buildings, etc). Besides the links to rankings and what students say, the prospective students page NEEDS a welcome message giving a brief description of what makes U.Va. different from every other university, and some broad statement about the kind of students who go here.
  64. No.  I think the web site is a bit too "in your face."  The older web site was more relaxed, despite being equally informative and similarly navigable.
  65. I like the layout/format, but I think that the look is a bit bland.  There is a lot more white on the page than the current web site and the only other accent color is blue.  Blue is a common color for web sites - both Firefox as well as IE use blue as their default color for the bar at the very top of the page which makes it seem rather generic to me even though it seems crisper than the current version.  I like the shot of the Rotunda on the current web page better.
  66. It feels cluttered. I'm also not a fan of the feature that condenses the "Featured Links" - if they are featured, they all should be displayed prominently so that viewers don't have to guess where they are.
    Also, there main links/headers for welcome center, schools, research etc, but it isn't readily transparent how to find administrative departments. A good example to me is the fact that job postings are buried is underneath "welcome center" which I'm not sure is intuitive to most users. The campaign is featured prominently on the main page, as its own graphic and as "give to U.Va. " - that feels a little excessive. Should HR at least be more readily found, both for people interested in working at the University and for existing employees? We have Jobs/Careers also in the featured links, but will look for additional ways to highlight this. (6/25/08)
  67. It looks terrific! Congratulations.
  68. I like it very much. Great work. We should have a redesign done of the Alumni Association pages by the end of the summer that will be very much in keeping with what you have.
  69. The photos turn over too quickly and show too many athletes.  Distracting and non-representative.  Worst is two photos side-by-side (like a split screen) in that one little space.  Too cluttered and distracting.
  70. Yes. It is much cleaner and simpler than the original, not to mention being centered in the browser.
  71. Yes, I think the look and feel is great! It is classic and simple, the colors are good, and it navigates very smoothly. The same is true for the special interest pages too. The picture of the Rotunda is good. TJ floating in the middle is pretty corny, but not necessarily bad.
  72. Yes, it's much more pleasing and sophisticated.
  73. Representative of the University? No...actually, it is chock full of all the information one could hope for, but it gives the feel more of an information superhub rather than the representation of an academic institution.
  74. Yes, very modern and unique. Customizable; individualized, like the students.
  75. It is characterlless. The cropped image of the Rotunda doesn't mean much unless you are already here or an alum. I would prefer a view of the Lawn, not the Rotunda, perhaps taken of the tree alleys and the Colonnades full of students walking to class. Show life, not symbols.
  76. The photos turn over too quickly and show too many athletes.  Distracting and non-representative.  Worst is two photos side-by-side (like a split screen) in that one little space.  Too cluttered and distracting.

What do you think of all the new features? Do you like them or not, and why?

  1. I like the new layout a lot. The mouseover features on the flyouts will make it possible to navigate quickly and easily instead of clicking through about 100 web pages. Also, the features bar and new location of searches will  also speed up the navigation process.
  2. I like the new placement of the Week in Photos.
  3. I like the flyouts, wider width and customizable sections, glad the week in photos is more prominent too.
  4. Like the collapsing News, Week in Photos, Events section; very compact and handy.
  5. I like the new features so far.
  6. I like them because they offer a unique way to view the homepage easily and efficiently.
  7. Yes, they make access to certain connections much quicker. They also demonstrate to less experienced users options that otherwise wouldn't be as apparent.
  8. I like them a lot, and I think they are a huge improvement.
  9. I completely love all of the new features.  They make things so much easier to look for.
  10. Most I feel are useful, however, I would rather that the homepage be a little less cluttered, you don't always have to put the maximum number of links possible on the main page.
  11. A lot of information was made easy to access (once the fly-out from the top menu works) without making the page huge. A little smaller would be better, even with a 1280x800 screen I need to scroll the page to see it all.
  12. I like the fly-outs - it makes the home page more interactive.  The A-Z search is also more functional.  The featured links section is redundant, including two links for Alumni giving when there is already one in the top right corner, as well as a link to ISIS, which should already be featured prominently along with the other student tools in a separate space.  Also, version 2 of the proposed changes makes for a cluttered bottom left portion of the page - with the search above the A-Z, when it already exists in the silver upper bar.
  13. Awesome!  We finally have a home page that works!
  14. I think there is too much content on one page. I don't like the drop menu section at the top because of usability concerns.
  15. I'm not sure I like it when the mouse-over top menu flyouts cover other content. I don't mind it that it covers the large picture of the Rotunda (which the flyouts did in the previous release), but it bugs me when they cover "Week in Photos" (or Featured News, etc.). I don't like it when flyover content blocks you from viewing other content on a page, I feel that flyover content should only cover images. To fix this, I would simply eliminate what I see as duplication of the links on the top menu. Most of the links in the "Happening at UVa" flyout also appear elsewhere or could be moved easily to a different category. I would also eliminate "UVa Mobile" from the top as I don't feel that this is important enough to warrant such prominent placement on the homepage. This would eliminate two fly-over menus and would allow you to prevent the flyover content from blocking other content on the homepage. It also puts "Schools" right after "Welcome Center" from the left, which makes it more prominent, which I feel is important since U.Va. is an institution of higher education. It also annoys me that when you extend the "A to Z" index at the bottom, that it creates a whole bunch of blank white space to the left. There should be some kind of space limit to how far down you can extend the "A-Z" index to prevent this problem, or maybe make the down arrow a scroll-down that moves the list rather than an arrow that expands a window. I love what you've done with the specialized content in the center. It's very attractive, streamlined, and provides a nice "cliffs notes" of the larger page. And thank you for getting rid of the Flash on the homepage.
  16. I like the use of expandable windows/lists, puts more information on one page.
  17. The new features are great!
  18. I find the rotating photos very distracting.
  19. I like the new features, I think they will be useful to people who use the site often.
  20. I like the expandable/collapsible ability with the Week in Photos, Today's Featured Events, and Today's News.
  21. Looks good.
  22. I like that the Week in Pictures is more expanded!
  23. I like them a lot, and I feel like it makes the U.Va. web site impressive to the casual web surfer, and to the seasoned U.Va. supporter.
  24. I like the drop down pages for the different groups of people (prospective students, current students, etc.).
  25. They're decent. I haven't spent enough time, but I use to access ISIS and the COD. I think the new look is sleek and sexy, but load time is the most important for me.
  26. I think the expandable content sections is an interesting idea.  My personal preference is for very clean, static pages.  I like to know where my information is and be able to go straight to it at all times.  However, your design decisions do reflect the fact that different people are coming to the home page for different reasons.  It seems sensible to be able to quickly customize the page to reflect those people's interests.  Having to click on a particular link and then load a whole new page just because a visitor is a "prospective student" can be tedious.  If reducing this to just a small piece of the page eliminates previous content, though, it might bear some questioning.  I don't think it's "bad" to have entire audience-specific pages -- but only if the information on them is useful.
  27. Some of the new features are nice, though I think adding those features to the current home page would be preferable to a complete overhaul.
  28. I don't like the mouseover flyouts.
  29. I think there may be a bit too much information on the page for a newcomer to sift through.  Perhaps some features could be combined into the flyouts.  Also for casual visitors,"ISIS," "COD,"and "Toolkit" mean nothing. The link at the bottom "En Espanol" doesn't link to the home page in Spanish, as I would have expected. It would be more appropriately titled "UVA en espanol."
  30. Some I think are not needed like the operating schedule, because UVA is never closed, so I don't need a constant reminder of that.
  31. Perhaps the Week in Photos shouldn't expand until all the photos are loaded.  The flicker as they all load is a little distracting.
  32. Yes, the dynamic A to Z search and CSS layouts are particularly nice and long overdue.
  33. I'm not a fan of the navigation flyouts on mouseover--they can get annoying and in the way. However, on mouse click is always great. Also having ISIS, COD, and Webmail accessed very quickly are essential--they're the reasons I visit the main page daily. Without being able to access those links right away, I'll probably not go to the main page nearly as often.
  34. I think the WebMail, ISIS, COD, Toolkit links should be bigger - I used those a lot from the site and think they are a little too small.
  35. Great job! The "Welcome Center . . . . U.Va. For You" navigation layouts need to stand out more clearly - larger bolder type, for example.
  36. Biggest problem:  when a main navigation section (Prospective Students, Current Students, etc.) is expanded, clicking on another one should just switch the content without rerunning the slide-down animation.
  37. The special interest pages are a good idea since one of the frequent questions I get from graduate students is "Why isn't this or that link on the Current Students page?" I hope letting students build their own page works well. Also, I like that the flyout for libraries includes ALL the libraries, not just the top 5 or so. But, the VIRGO catalog should be the first item in the list. It blends in at the current location.
  38. I don't think Accessibility is such a high priority that it should have two links listed on the top-level page.  And, both links are so close to one another.  And, I certainly don't think it enjoys an equivalent level of need to link to as ISIS, Toolkit, and COD do.  Those three links can easily be used multiple times each day by most students and faculty.  Accessibility is more like a one-time use and then you know.  Plus, fewer members of the community use it overall. Featured Links -- "Give to UVA" & "Campaign for UVA"& "Corporate Connections" -- Please don't make it so obvious that we are selling ourselves as a fundraising effort.  Ridiculous to have on the top-level home page of a flagship state university.  Tacky.  Low class.  Embarrassing. Too much stuff, microscopic font, pale gray.  Ugh.
  39. I think they are great, especially the expanded week in photos section as well as the flyouts.  It's functional and sleek. However, the whole search and clicking on people, library, other is bothersome. Can't you just have one search field without having to do people, library, general web site, etc.
  40. I don't like the expansion of the A-Z feature.  It doesn't need to take up all that room.  I would rather see daily news stories in that space. I like the idea of drag and drop but couldn't figure out how to use it.
  41. I am a big fan of them.
  42. Yes ...don't have so many clicks.
  43. They seem fine.
  44. Yes.
  45. Yes!!
  46. This new design is unbelievable.  The drag and drop organization and flyouts are perfect.  PLEASE KEEP THE GRAD STUDENT GUIDE ONE OF THE MAIN LINKS FOR "Current Students."
  47. They are all very nice improvements.
  48. I think its too cluttered. The current "live" version of the homepage is already pretty full, and this redesign only makes it fuller. Too much to take in for my tastes.
  49. I do very much like them - BUT there is A LOT going on, and the page is approaching the point at which a little simplicity will come to seem an elegant, confident virtue.  I would be wary of seeing much more added.  See for a lovely, appealing welcome page.
  50. They look ok.
  51. I mostly do not like the new features.
  52. The new home page is continuing the trend of making the home page far far too busy.
  53. I like them because I believe they make navigation easier.
  54. The page in general is extremely busy -- I found it overwhelming. For instance, it is extremely difficult to quickly browse through three (sometimes four!) columns of fly out navigation links -- a single column might be easier. Information would ironically be much easier to locate if there were less of it -- there are many places where it could be trimmed. Here are just some things I noted:
    -There are many, many redundant links. Including fly out links, there are no less than four links for donating to the university, two links for Webmail, four for maps, two for "facts about UVA", two for the A-Z index, two for U.Va. mobile, three for university events, three for addresses, two for "accessibility," and so on. The redundancy not only clutters the page but makes it hard to find what the user needs -- for instance, if I want to know basic facts about the university, do I click "All about the university," "Facts at a glance," "Stats & facts about U.Va. ", or "Top Q&A about U.Va."? Too many similar options.
    -The Featured Links really makes the page overwhelming -- there's so much text in one place that it's hard to follow. It would be great if those links could be integrated into the flyout menus.
    -Why the temperature in Celsius? Or the day/date? Celsius is offered in addition to Fahrenheit because 4 percent of our visitors are from outside the U.S. (6/25/08) Or the "last modified" note at the bottom? This is important because it lets the user know how current the information is based on how recently the site was updated. (6/25/08)
    -There's no need to tell the user that the university is operating on a normal schedule. Emergency notification has become a more important function on the U.Va. Home Page. During inclement weather and at other times, having the operating schedule right on the page has been a useful way to inform the University community of schedule changes (or lack thereof). (6/25/08)
    -The status of patient care services should be relegated only to a Medical Center page. But staff, patients and many others from around the region and state often come to the U.Va. Home Page looking for information. (6/25/08)
    -"Today's Featured Events" and "Today's News" can be accessed easily with the flyout menus -- replacing that box with one or two featured stories (with photos) would help de-clutter the page.
  55. Someone who needs a larger text size will never be able to see the plus and minus buttons in the top right corner, they are too small and too grayed out. The moveable menus at the bottom of the full page views should start out closed. Seeing all the expanded menus at once is overwhelming. Is the position of these menus personalized and saved like the Quick Links? Yes.
  56. It feels overly complicated.
  57. The drop down menus are great.
  58. I like all of the new features. My favorite is the special interest pages. The layout is beautiful and very functional. I think customization is a great feature. The more the better. I also like the A-Z Web index. It is much easier to find some things versus using the search bar. However, my concern is that some things will be forgotten or be worded differently making them impossible to find. Also, I think the search engine needs to be improved to target more relevant links. The search feature is the most complained about feature of the old home page. I also like the increased number of links available. The layout makes them easier to find despite their increased number. There is some redundancy, however, that I don't think is really helpful. For example, under Welcome center there is a link for Medical Center Maps and Directions and there is an identical link Maps and Directions under the Medical Center tab. I didn't notice any other examples initially, but eliminating this overlap could increase room for additional relevant links. I like how the mouseover tabs are organized, such as putting most of the community links on the right side of the Welcome center bar.
  59. I really like them. It makes it more browser-friendly.
  60. Nothing seems that much better besides the mouseover flyouts.
  61. No - it's unclear what benefits there are to the new design.  Everything seems more difficult to find.  I agree with other comments that the search feature needs to be prominently available since that is the #1 feature I use on the home page.
  62. Are the mouseover flyouts supposed to be just for the gray band?  They don't work on the blue one. I would like the drag and drop feature, but there needs to be a tutorial - I can't tell how to use it!
  63. I don't think Accessibility is such a high priority that it should have two links listed on the top-level page.  And, both links are so close to one another.  And, I certainly don't think it enjoys an equivalent level of need to link to as ISIS, Toolkit, and COD do.  Those three links can easily be used multiple times each day by most students and faculty.  Accessibility is more like a one-time use and then you know.  Plus, fewer members of the community use it overall.

Are there any features from the current Home Page you miss?

  1. Everything has been improved.
  2. Yes, the quick loading time is very important for potential visitors. New picture-focused website takes attention away from the text, which should not be the case. Optimally, they should go hand in hand.
  3. Colors. I hope there is also the rotating main photograph, which I found quite charming on the home page.
  4. Please keep the people search separate from the A- Z makes things so much easier to navigate.
  5. No.
  6. COD, ISIS, and Toolkit.
  7. I'd like the Maps and Calendars links to be more prominent. If you removed the flyovers for "Happening at UVa" and "UVa Mobile" (see above) you could move these links to the end of the main bar of roll-over links to the far right without making them fly-overs. I also would like to see the link to "Charlottesville" come back on the homepage.
  8. I think you have them all.
  9. I liked rotating homepage image, which now is a static picture of the Rotunda.  I know this is a representative image of the University, but there are other very iconic views that could be exhibited as well.
  10. An easier place to find the Integrated System and also the Benefits link for faculty and staff.
  11. No.
  12. No.
  13. You seem to have covered all the features from the current home page.  Nothing seems immediately missing.
  14. Not really, they are all there. Just make sure the COD is always nearby, that is the student's lifeline. 
  15. Not really.
  16. I think the current page is more colorful.  Perhaps add more orange and blue.
  17. Diversity, fundraising, and employment are areas which do NOT need to be on the Home Page!  This is the University of Virginia with a long and proud academic standing and tradition.  That needs to be the image which appears.
  18. Obviously Webmail link readily available without having to sort through Featured Links overly long list.  CMS Webmail is not as obvious a name as Webmail. I had liked UVA Today that seemed to include what is now split between Today's News and Today's Featured Events.  I don't understand the categorization strategy.  I don't have time to look at both.  I will miss things.  Make it simpler and make it one.
  19. I use the links to COD and VIRGO the most. I wish they were both on the home page.
  20. Not that I have noticed but I haven't used it much.
  21. The search function being immediately visible.  (About 80% of my homepage use is the search function.) The top headlines being immediately visible. (About 15% of my homepage use is a scanning of the headlines.)  U.Va. Today should have a more prominent spot, not below the arrow on the "Featured Links."  I would prefer the headlines be in the location of the A to Z index.  I'm more inclined to use the "search" function to find an office, department, etc. The rotating photos!!!  They add color and show the beauty of grounds and the community.  The "week in photos," while important, are more "nuts and bolts" photographs.  Overall, I think I prefer the "week in photos" in a "below the fold" position -- where featured links is on the new page.
  22. The "who is" and "search U.Va." option. I use this all day instead of the phonebook or general Google search.
  23. The link to the Registrar's office. I can get to it from ISIS or the A-Z index, but having it visible on the homepage saved a click.
  24. No.
  25. Having the search function available without a click or mouse-over--it's the main reason I go to the homepage.  Having key news stories available on the front page without having to click so I can peruse what's new without clicking. Having a link to the COD.
  26. As far as I can see (and as noted above, I really can't), one can no longer go directly to Webmail.
  27. No.
  28. I prefer having ISIS, Webmail, COD and the Toolkit links in an accessible, yet unobtrusive location.  I don't care much for having to hunt for them under current students or featured links.
  29. I miss having the people-search on the front page.  I see that it's easily found under the search option.
  30. I miss my links to webmail, isis, toolkit, and the COD from being bigger. Before they were right in my line of vision. Though I guess that is what the student page is for, which I really like.
  31. I did like the old page, but this look is certainly better - especially for being more full on the page.
  32. Sports and U.Va. News direct link.
  33. A more direct and obvious "direct to Health System" link.
  34. I miss the rotating images of the University...I liked those pictures before you settled on a view of the Rotunda.
  35. The overall design, listing of U.Va. Today news items, the left column menu, smaller A-Z index, and the cleaner tabs.
  36. Yes, academic-related direct links such as the COD and Toolkit which I used quite often as a professor. We have added these links to the Faculty & Staff page and Home Page featured section, and moved Governance to a featured graphic. (6/26/08)
  37. Yes, the background color is too bland.
  38. The Current Website has 3 small picture links under the menu on the left side. They link visitors to three ares that give the school it's personality and therefore enhance the character of the website. The links are: Facts at a Glance, Tour the Rotunda, and Explore the Area. As a prospective and current student those links are very important to getting to know UVA better. I definitely noticed right away that they were not on the new website, and do miss them!
  39. The lack of the COD on the "Original (Working Site)" is a bad thing!!!
  40. The one-click links to ISIS, COD and TOOLKIT are a MUST!! We have created two possible alternate options for the U.Va. Home Page, each new version features more one-click links to ISIS, COD and Toolkit. (6/30/08) Many students use these every day, by navigating from their default web page ( These student resource links are so small that other web site users may never notice them. It is really nice to not have to navigate through the Current Students drop down menu. Also, the full page version of the current students page should still have the student resources box. The Student Resources box is permanently located in the top feature area on both the Current Student slideout on the Home Page and at the top of the full current student page. (6/30/08) A couple of version ago, the web site made the maps of the university easier to find - especially prospective student love to look at a map of the grounds. The axonometric view of the university is especially useful, and should be kept up-to-date with new buildings.
  41. The look and feel of the current Home Page are much preferable to this newly redesigned version.
  42. I much prefer that the links to ISIS, Toolkit, and Webmail be directly available without having to mouseover the current students section. I use these multiple times daily, and they should be more easily accessible. See above comment. (6/25/08)
  43. Please bring back a directory search option on the home page. We have created two possible alternate options for the U.Va. Home Page, each that includes the search directly on the page. (6/30/08)
  44. Not much was removed - mostly just reorganized. I think the things that were removed are now in better places.
  45. Being a staff member it would be nice if you had a link to the exchange server web interface. And I use people search a lot, and with the new site - I don't like how it now takes you a couple of clicks to get there.
  46. The original version does not include People Search.  I like it in the position on changed version A.

What sections/links would you like to see added to the new U.Va. Home Page?

  1. More Graphic links, more information or history that characterizes the school - maybe a direct link to a virtual tour or something similar.
  2. Webwork, Housing Division, Email,
  3. I like that a current event at the University is featured prominently on the home page - now it's the Heritage Festival - but you could make this more dynamic by rotating the event, so that there can be more than one current event displayed at a time.
  4. Add something about fitness at UVA. Links to AFC and Mem gym.
  5. Nothing.
  6. Do you think a "Guests/Visitors" section would be useful? Monticello and the Lawn are historic landmarks and we get a lot of tourism from people who aren't alumni, parents, or students. We also have a lot of corporate connections, summer school, conferences, etc., of non-U.Va. affiliates. A "Guests/Visitors" section could be useful to list area hotels, restaurants, tell you about medical options from the health center, list current conferences, events, and seminars going on at U.Va., and other important public relations information.
  7. You have them all!
  8. Not sure...
  9. I cannot think of any that are missing from my own use of the site, others that I use I can easily find through searching.
  10. ISIS, COD, and Webmail easily linked right at the top.
  11. I would like a way for the site to remember me,and keep the "Students" drop down menu down whenever i come to the site, as the default, and let me choose another if i need it for another purpose.
  12. You should think about adding the UVA Today news blog to the homepage, as it offers realtime information on what's happening at the University. [It would be] of interest to all people visiting site - highlights vibrant community.
  13. I use the links to COD and VIRGO the most. I wish they were both on the home page.
  14. A link to Collab, since some of my classes are transitioning away from Toolkit.
  15. HR should be a featured link for faculty and staff.  
  16. Alumni Link.
  17. The Emergency/disaster response link should be a permanent link on the home page.
  18. At least temporarily, a tutorial regarding how to use the "customizable" features like the calendar and "drag and drop."
  19. What is ISIS?
  20. Add Collab to the homepage.
  21. Alumni page on front page.
  22. ITC homepage or helpdesk. If it's not a featured link, then group it with the utilities.
  23. None.
  24. Nothing I can think of.
  25. Well, I have never been able to easily find the athletic CLUBS at U.Va. (rugby, gymnastics, etc)...I still can't find them...lots about intramural's, etc, but where are the clubs located?
  26. It would be amazing if we could somehow have a seminars calendar listing all seminars, lectures, misc. guest speakers, and brown bag lunches for all schools and disciplines (maybe it's there and I'm an idiot?) PLUS an RSS feed for this information that could be customized by interest.  Or, at least an RSS feed.
  27. The Webmail button could be in a better place.
  28. See above comment - if anything is added, it might be worth considering taking something else away.
  29. As of now I'm not sure.
  30. Add a blue background color, just like before.
  31. I wonder about expanding the A-Z Web Index to include things such as CIO web sites and other things. Because of the nature of the search, I don't think that more items would clutter a given search. We have looked into this and discovered there are over 600 CIO Web sites so instead of adding the complete list to the A-Z we added a link to the Student Activities Center's complete list of active CIO's. (6/27/08)
  32. I liked the search box with people and Google search being in the open. Perhaps it can be part of the layout instead of being a flyout option.
  33. People Search
  34. Critically important to keep the People and UVA Web Search feature visible in the top-level page as Versions 2 and 3 do (but not on "original revised version").  I use this function at MANY university web sites, and when an institution makes it hard to find, I am exceedingly critical of their institution.
  35. Nothing. It is already too busy.
  36. There should absolutely be a link to Collab on your redesigned home page. Even if it's not on the current page, your redesigned one needs it. Toolkit is going away in less than 12 months; and Collab is here now, with over 18,000 users and counting, and here to stay! It was officially adopted by the Faculty Advisory Committee on Course Management nearly a year ago, and has been used for collaborations for a year and a half longer than that. So why no link on the redesigned home page?

What Featured Links do you find useful?

  1. AccessUVa - 2%
  2. Addresses - 4.5%
  3. Admission Office - 4%
  4. Arts at U.Va. - 3%
  5. Athletics - 6%
  6. Bookstore - 5.5%
  7. Campaign for U.Va. - 1.5%
  8. CMS Webmail - 6.5%
  9. COD - 8%
  10. Corporate Connections - 1%
  11. Diversity at U.Va. - 2%
  12. Emergency/Critical Incident - 5%
  13. Give to U.Va. Now - 1%
  14. Hoos Online - 3%
  15. ISIS - 9%
  16. Jobs/Careers - 5%
  17. John Paul Jones Arena - 5%
  18. Outlook Web Access - 3%
  19. President's Office - 1%
  20. Registrar's Office - 5%
  21. Sustainability at U.Va. - 2%
  22. Toolkit - 9%
  23. Universitas 21 - 0.5%
  24. UVA Today - 6%
  25. Other - 1.0%
    • Special Interests - 10%
    • A-Z Index - 10%
    • Weather - 10%
    • ITC - 10%
    • U.Va. Collab - 30%
    • Alumni - 10%
    • Schools - 10%
    • Library - 10%

Is the text easy to read?

  1. Yes - 79%
  2. No, Should be Darker - 10%
  3. No, Should be Larger - 3%
  4. No, Should be Darker and Larger - 6%
  5. No, Other - 3%
    • Higher contrast between text and grayish backgrounds would be good.
    • The pictures are too distracting.

Other Comments:

  1. You need to extend this kind of a make over to department and school web pages.  The E school web page is drastically in need of a similar facelift.
  2. It's good that you have invited folks to preview and comment on the homepage.  I also like the rounded corners and additional white space.
  3. The new web site looks very nice and is a huge improvement.  I especially like the new width and the rounded off boxes.  This looks more professional and would catch my attention if I was a prospective student.
  4. I really enjoyed looking over the layout for the new homepage. The one comment that I would like to make would be a critique of the Prospective Students level. Aside from the homepage, this section of the web site might be the single-most important way in which we can convey what we love about the University to thousands of people who have never seen it before. I would strongly encourage you all to fill that page with some of the most beautiful pictures you could possibly find of grounds. Some vibrant colors and some beautiful photos would go a long way in catching prospective students' eyes. Other than that, it looks great! I'm looking forward to seeing it rolled out in the fall.
  5. At the search section, make U.Va./Web the default button rather than People.
  6. I think the search box should be in the middle of the page just above the A-Z search (Version A).  It makes the most sense since the A-Z web site index is also a search function.  I use the search box daily and it is most convenient in this location.  Most of the time the cursor is in the middle of the screen and so it would be an extra effort to go to the top of the page.  My second choice would be Version B so that you don't have to do an extra click into the search box.
  7. I think there might be a more appropriate graphic for the campaign button. The button on the current homepage seems much more fitting... maybe a different photo on the new one. The "week in photos" is one of the best additions in recent memory.  However, it seems too large -- out of proportion -- on the new homepage.
  8. Please reduce the animation, e.g. the color change when the mouse hovers over the links, as well as the sizes of the pictures. They are too distracting.
  9. Please keep the general search function on the home page.  Up and to the right is best, but version two's placement is okay.
  10. I live overseas and am concerned that the use of "VA," rather than "Virginia" on the home page is confusing for potential international students.  Why not have "Charlottesville, Virginia" on the home page?  Thanks.
  11. (Referring to A-Z index in Quicklinks) No - one location is sufficient.
  12. (Referring to A-Z index in Quicklinks) No, I don't like the A-Z Index because an index shouldn't be on the main page, it's not meant to be used as the "first" option for finding things.
  13. (Referring to A-Z beneficial in Quicklinks) Not with the site index on the front page.
  14. [It] looks fine to me.
  15. Add text size option on Version A.
  16. You've addressed everything i can think of.
  17. Please reduce the animation, e.g. the color change when the mouse hovers over the links, as well as the sizes of the pictures. They are too distracting.
  18. There is too much non-customizable content on the faculty/staff page ( What this means is that most of my customized information is "below the fold" on the page, requiring that I scroll down. I recommend that one be able to move the entire top section (guide, governance, travel) to the bottom of the page, if desired. Finally, I'm not sure why the blue rectangle at the top right is titled "governance," as these are useful links for our use.
  19. Please maintain ISIS, COD and Toolkit links on front page.   Dynamic index is GOOD.
  20. I would suggest that the default for the Search be "U.Va. Web" instead of "People."
  21. I feel that the featured links needs to be remade because having it ABC ordered shows something like "Emergency/Schedule" as a link when we already have operating schedule information right next to it. Same goes for A-Z web site index, why bother listing the first 7/8 when it's meant as a search-engine, especially since it's listed ABC, maybe list 4/5 random A-Z links so people might see something that catches their eye. I still don't see a need for the index on the main page though.
  22. Just the search bar is super painful. Say I type in "Jane" and then I realize its a name, so I click from U.Va. Web to People, and then click back to finish typing "Doe." When I click back on the bar, Jane disappears, causing me to retype the whole thing again.
  23. I think the main picture on the new site should also alternate like it does on the current site. I like when there's more motion on a site (but not too much) to keep it from looking boring.
  24. (Referring to A-Z beneficial in Quicklinks) I am not sure the way it is configured is helpful, or having all sites listed either. The A-Z alphabetical list (just the letters of the alphabet) was preferable.
  25. I think the University of Virginia logo is way too small. You can almost miss it! Also I think the rotunda image is not high enough resolution--it should be crystal clear.
  26. The featured links and upper right hand corner links should be larger in my opinion.
  27. Some features a bit "hidden." I didn't even notice the gray band for awhile.
  28. Collab will replace toolkit; need a link now.
  29. Dark blue bar under photo of Rotunda is too saturated.(Contains prospective students, currents students,alumni, parents, faculty, kids)
    It jarringly bifurcates the page.
  30. The photos pix elate when changing from one to another. This happened on the U.Va. home page over a year or more. It is a bother.
  31. I am lucky to have high speed internet access; others, however may not and the page may take a while to show up for them.
  32. Can you make the U.Va. Home Directory more easily accessed?
  33. Suggested additions:
    -Add a border. It feels like the site is just swimming; I'm not really a fan of the large white border.
    -Increase the size of the university logo and University of Virginia icon in the top left (move the date / weather over if you have to).
    -Each of the boxes in the top gray bar should be the same width, they currently are different.
    -I love the pic of the rotunda / TJ signature, but the signature is hard to read. Is there anyway to increase the opacity of the picture and bring the signature more to the front? (also will this picture change with the seasons, etc?)
    - Not sure if the rounded edges in all of the boxes work -- I don't feel like it's sharp enough. I'd prefer squared/rectangular edges.
    - I think there is a better use of the space then to have a huge box for A to Z site index. I think a search bar itself is fine and people can type A if they want to see all the stuff with an A (and that should bring up another page), not allow the page length to expand to show everything that starts with an A on the homepage. Thanks for the opportunity to give comments.
  34. No, I think quick links can be overwhelming if too many show up.
  35. I think that would defeat the purpose of a quick link.  Is there a way it could save a visitor's recently used links and display those?
  36. I think it makes sense to put the toolkit and ISIS links back on the page in more easily accessible locations.  That's probably one of the few reasons current students even go to the home page.  I think the second design option is best because it places the links "before the fold," to borrow a newspaper layout term.  However, the distinction between those links and the links in the blue bar above them seems a bit arbitrary.  This is a problem to some extent even with the "current" redesign.  Would it make more sense for all the links to be in the blue bar, perhaps?  Or maybe just the ones that students use constantly (like webmail, toolkit, calendars, isis).  Then the space beneath can be devoted to more esoteric things like text size and donations.  I think the blue bar should be reserved for student-friendly tools.
  37. A-Z Web site reference in Quicklinks beneficial: My first thought was "no" because the A-Z is such a long list, but after looking at the quicklinks, my answer is "yes." Few of my choices are listed in the existing options and I would want more choices.
  38. "News; Stories about U.Va. Research" and "Research News" (from the Research dropdown) link to the same place.   Instead of these two links, there could be one and a link to the IRB: could be added.  Investigators find this site very useful.
  39. My comments are aesthetic.  The new page looks great (as did the old one, really), but it could still be improved in three easy ways: (1) more frequent rotation of the main image, much like at; (2) a band of background color to bring the page together, much like at; (3) a new font.  Is this Times New Roman?  It is very dull and ugly!  You might consider a more appealing font, such as Garamond, if feasible. Thank you for all your work - the page looks great, and (though I am new) I have already begun to use it a lot.  [I especially liked the UVA Today feature on historian John Mason.]
  40. I think that using 2.5 square inches (bottom center) for the date and schedule status is space wasted.  99% of the time it will say "Operating on a regular academic and work schedule. / Patient care services will be provided as usual. /For more information, call (434) 924-7669"   I would prefer a link, which could be made as noticeable as you would wish (using color, contrasting background, perhaps even blinking if deemed necessary (although I wouldn't) that would say something like "July 4, 2008 / Operating Schedule / Contact Information"
  41. I think the current web site is just fine as it is. An update is not needed just yet.
  42. The Computer Science department is in the Engineering School! And...there's no link to their BS program at all!
  43. Thanks for re-doing the university's home page-- it looks great. I just wanted to ask whether there are plans to make the faculty page a more useful tool? It seems to me, as a faculty member, that the "current students" page has more useful links on it that are easily accessible than the faculty & staff page, and I find myself using it instead of the faculty page. It makes it easy to find the academic calendar, the Grad Record, and Toolkit, which I use all the time. Is there any chance that the faculty page could be separated from staff, so that more teaching - or research- related tools can be featured on it? Yes, we are working on this.
  44. Just some scattered thoughts about the page:
    -The A-Z Web site Index would look cleaner if the search results disappeared when the search box was erased.
    -The "Week in Photos" is confusing because the photos have no captions. And as a user I'd probably be looking to the front page for stories -- not just photos by themselves. The stories should be highlighted; photos alone have little meaning.
    -The search box is frustrating because the contents disappear if the user clicks a radio button and then clicks inside the search box -- the current home page has the same problem. It would be great if the contents could stick around!
    Thanks for your work in designing the new home page, and thanks for listening to my comments!
  45. The new home page seems so much more user-friendly!
  46. This is great!!
  47. I love it - as always, the Web Communications department continues to produce fantastic results.
  48. I noticed on the proposed Prospective Students page that a box on rankings is much more prominent in comparison to the current Prospective Students page.  I prefer the current content, where the greater focus is on directing students to the Undergrad Admission page (since this is what many prospective students are looking for) rather than a focus on rankings.
  49. Color-coded calendar so that events are more easily distinguishable (ex: Student, Alumni, Sports, etc... distinctions)
  50. Overall I like the new design, especially having the web site index on the homepage.  I use this frequently, so it’ll be one less click to the page I’m seeking.
  51. For search, instead of having radio buttons, "People," "U.Va. Web," and "Library" should each function as a "Go" button for their respective searches. This eliminates 1 click and unnecessary mouse movement for people doing a UVa Web or Library search. A "people" search could remain the default if the user were to press enter. 2) I also don't think it's necessary to have "Search" in two locations on the home page. I think it should remain prominently in the upper right, and I would favor the mouse-over version more if the search text field automatically became active when you mouse-over search. Or, at least, when you click the "Search +" button. The text bar is a narrow target. Ideally, I think the University Web Page should offer a unified search for people, UVa Web, and Library. The user would be able to select among the results by clicking a header (for People, UVa Web, or Library) in a similar manner to searching Google for web pages, images, and maps.
  52. One suggestion, however:  I was looking for the “who is” search facility (“Search,” “People,” the default in the current design) and finally found it under “search” on the far right in the new design.  The default, however, is “U.Va. Web,” which seems redundant given that the web site index is immediately below.  I see myself using the “search” button to look up U.Va. individuals, the web site index to look up programs, departments, etc. We have changed the default to the People search. (6/30/08)
  53. Congratulations! It looks, and works, beautifully.
  54. I still think that visually, it looks like the operating schedule information below the Heritage Theater ad should pertain to the theater; by boxing them together, you link them visually. Can you make two boxes?
  55. I think the new homepage is pretty terrific. I especially like the way the audience sections work.
  56. I think Quicklinks should have the ability to take you directly to any other page on the site. Is it possible to create custom links using a URL?
  57. It's fine for most of these to be Featured Links, but "featured" suggests that they can be found elsewhere normally. For example, "Corporate Connections" is in a featured link, but I couldn't find it anywhere else on the web site- even on the "Current Students" page. Also I noticed several things that were out of date. The class of 2007 (not to mention 2008) page is still linked to the current students page while the class of 2011 ( is not linked at all. Thanks, done. (6/25/08)
  58. I usually don't use the featured links since links I normally. I don't really visit the web site daily but i do visit it more than once a week probably close to 2-3 times/week.
  59. Can you get the code w3c valid? I tried validating both the HTML and the CSS and some validation errors came up for both. I like the new images (including all the new navigation buttons and background gradients). The text of the Thomas Jefferson signature on the homepage main image needs anti-aliased, though. I also like it better centered than left-aligned. That was a good change.
  60. You guys are going to have the page degrade appropriate for users without javascript, right?  Because it's completely broken at the moment if you view the page without javascript.
  61. Why not have things more easily accessible in searching.  Like just now, I was looking for RESOURCE to schedule something at Newcomb.  Not available.  So now I have to FIND Newcomb Hall and hope that RESOURCE is at their page.
  62. There needs to be a home button on all subsequent links/pages to take the user back to the home page. We added a home button to the top navigation. (6/25/08)
  63. The Week in Photos should not be listed at the top since it is not the most important feature of the home page.
  64. You should rename the "Webmail" link to more accurately reflect what it points to, which is Webmail only applies to the Central Mail Service -- but actually points to the CMS, U.Va. Gmail, and U.Va. Microsoft Live email. Within the next 3 months, all U.Va. students, many alumni, and some staff will have U.Va. Gmail or MS Live accounts. If they visit, they won't see Webmail, they'll see an "email switchboard" that lets them log into whichever email account of those 3 that they desire. (Plans are currently in the works to add U.Va. Exchange Service to as well -- so that it has all email accounts at U.Va., not just the CMS.)
  65. Continuity is an important factor in making people comfortable with an idea, a product or service, and even a university.  I recommend picking a Home Page design and sticking with it (adding improvements through modification over time).  Completely revamping the Home Page every 2-3 years is not making UVA a better university.
  66. (Referring to A-Z index in Quicklinks) NO.  There is already too much clutter.  Too much stuff in Featured Links and too much space given to A-Z Web Site Index already open on the top-level page.  It is too much to read on the first look at the top-level page.  Since A-Z Index is a tab at the top right, why does it also have to be partially visible on the bottom right at the same time?  There are too many entries in Featured Links.  I do, however, like the commonly used addresses link.

What type of computer do you most often use?

  1. PC - 78%
  2. Apple - 22%

What browser do you most often use?

  1. Firefox - 54%
  2. Internet Explorer - 28%
  3. Safari - 14%
  4. Mozilla - 1.5%
  5. Netscape - 0%
  6. AOL - 1.5%
  7. Opera - 1%

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